Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't miss me =)


An apple a day. keep doctor away =P

Opps. 1 week more is the end year exam! =X

so yeah. I normally started my revision the week before the exam. but this time its the END YEAR EXAM! which decide my class next year. would I still be in KRK class? PMR year lu =O

hmm. I read a kinda useful article from ChinaPress. which about the things we should take note before exam. got it from internet. =S

[skip skip skip. if you don't like such serious stuff in my blog =D]

[it's better you can understand chinese or you need to read my rojak english LOL]


exam timetable. some wordS I've written to encourage myself hahaha. TOP 5 BABY! =D

````which means. manage your time to revise, break and sleep wisely. avoid revising kelam-kabut-ly [hahaha I know you got it]
***** to me. I have my timetable but I never follow it = lebih. haha

**opps. what a shame as a student taking mandarin subject do not really understand what this means =(

````grab the time that you can remember things the best. which are the

half hour before sleep and

half hour after you wake up.

memorize the most important points =D
**** I do revise before I go to sleep =) but revision after wake up tak boleh lar. I wanna sleep more =P

````hmm. do the model tests as if you're having the real exam. so that when you're sitting for the exam. you won't feel that gan jeong hahaha.

[okay I know my English sounds weird 'cause I literally translated it from Chinese. =X ]

````do something you like and it can release your stress. but but but. avoid those exercises that are too chee gek. 'cause you may get hurt and it will affect your revision.
****to me. dance lu. sometimes after revision my neck damn pain lar wei. eh better have someone or something to massage me =D


haha do you know why I wanna camwhore with this apple? because it's freaking BIG.


I can't see my palm ler LOL LOL LOL.

``` less or better do not online.
**** yeah yeah yeah. Im gonna do it=). heh but many people hor during exam also blogging and facebook-ing [you know who you are =P] damn yeng lor =X

````pay attention on food hygiene. normally people like to eat a lot when they are under pressure.which can cause them intestine diseases and bla bla. in order affect your emotion. what you makan usually then just makan lo.

````don't burn midnight oil lar! =S set your bedtime around 10pm or 11pm. don't need to go to bed at 8pm or earlier. 'cause it shows that you're something wrong ' 'cause you may end up couldn't sleep well. then next day exam BYE BYE~ =O

````don't think about the paper after should pay attention on the next paper.
****the mistake that I always made=( it did really decrease my confidence on next paper =X

````okay last last. don't do difficult questions the 10 days before exam. it might cause you to lose confidence hmm. you should pay attention on those mistakes you have made in the past.


my house has a new sofa ! =DD [but why should I pose in this way to tell you this? LOL]


I kinda like my brother's new hairstyle =D

ps:not gonna update much because of exam. don't miss me =P
pss: hahaa. tak sempat to do the 2 holes thingy camwhore =S
psss: he didn't talk to me today. paiseh? heh just forget it.haha
pssss: how many last chances do you need dad? since standard 6! matter how bad the condition is.I will still move on my life =) and. you're still my dad. love you.

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