Friday, October 15, 2010

Her Profile

Ni Hao, readers! :) I'm Eliz Soh!

Well, the blog you are going to read right now, it is neither one of those inspiring or awesome blogs that will make you WOW in the end of the posts. But yeah, it's something about a peculiar teenage girl who has a strong passion towards life heee.

If you wonder, I started blogging 2 years ago for the sake to become popular and famous. Apparently, I failed. hahaaa. Sometimes I would just become lost and I would asked myself, Why am I spending so much time on blogging? I didn't know why, 2 years ago when I was only 13, I was so eager for fame. All the effort I used to put in to get noticed and popularity was like, so tiring. Trying to do things to impress people, definitely bored me. 

So one day, I decided to change my aim for blogging.
Now I blog, I simply want to keep my blog as a diary. I blog from my heart. I wish one day when I'm about.. 50, I will still be able to read my blog, and laugh at what I've written for the past. Hahaha. By reading my blog, you will not get any latest news of fashion or something else, yet I wish you can feel my passion towards life through my words :)

So, how much do you know about me?

 I'm noisy. But don't worry, I know when it's the appropriate time to be noisy, often it's the time  hanging out with my friends. Also, when I'm with my close friends I would just act like a hyperactive girl, making all those freaky actions or weird sounds. And once I start, sorry, it's hard for me to stop 

 Most of the time. I believe obstacles makes our lives to be more unique and interesting.We just cannot make everything to be flawless. I always try to see things from different perspectives and see the bright, positive sides. So, smile :) Happiness is within us and it just depends on how we see things.  

It's shame to say that I'm a crybaby although physically I may look tough-.- Mostly, emotions bring me down when it comes to family, friends and self-esteem etc. Luckily, tears can always heal my wounds :) I'm kind of sensitive, so when you want to criticize me, please, check on my mood or else Imma cry in front of you :O hahaa.

There are so many characters of mine which are yet to be found out in my life.
Anyhow, I will just begin to firm who I am from now on and years after years, I believe I can discover more about myself. I don't need to be anyone else to please people. But I will, open my ears to people's criticism and improve myself, from time to time. Wish me good luck to be a better person in life yeah? :)

Opps, I'm turning 16 :D

Readers, enjoy reading my blog!

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