Wednesday, February 16, 2011


How am I gonna handle so many things that come to me at once? 
People said, TIME MANAGEMENT. 


but im stuck somewhere. Lost. 
It's the pressure from nowhere that suffocating me. I dont know why I should be stressed? I dont wanna be like what I did today during hurdle, stop in front of the hurdle instead of jumping over it :/ argh.

Positivity, please come back to mama. 
NEVER SAY NEVER ANYMORE YEE LING! this is your biggest challenge in 2011, YOU CAN DO IT! :) TRUST YOURSELF! Just do it! :D


Saturday, February 12, 2011






The first time I feel soooooo nostalgic when traveling. I missed Malaysia weather darn much as the icy cold weather in China was killing and hurting. China people were terrible. I don't wanna mention why. You'll know why if you get to travel there *wink*

Well, at least they have doors for toilets now. hahahaa!

Overall, this trip is so-so only. I was merely amazed by the beauty of JiangLangShan as well as the incredible engineering technology of ancient people in Long-you Grottoes . I feel so grateful that I always have chances to travel oversea. I may miss something in Malaysia as this trip took me about a week. I gotta abandon my study my friends and everything in Malaysia for a week. But only through traveling, I can get to know the world better and always be contented. & realized how good Malaysia already is! hahahaahaaaa!

 I think my vocab is back its mama now hahaaa. So, allow me to end this post with this picture! :D

PS: Aiyayaaa. Wish me luck in catching up with study yo :O


Friday, January 21, 2011


to the power of 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

The timetable has been using its pseudopodia to engulf my life and my soul. INSANE!
Now I can even blog with those scientific names. Ah! I can't imagine I actually abandoned my blog for 3 weeks. What? 3 WEEKs! hahaaaa. Realizes I'm a little giler now? Yes, I am. I barely find any slots for 'internet', not to mention about blogging. I left my blog not updated for almost a month!

So, anyway.

we are feeling good :D

Form4 year is errrr. Well exactly like my title for this post.
and I seriously wonder who is the person that described form4 as a honeymoon year? Absolutely doesn't make sense okay! yet I feel like its a big turning of my life. The first gate to my ambition.

But its a challenge when I want to find the balancing point among my study, school suckish co-curriculum activities, personal life, student reporter and social life. etc.  when all mixed up together I feel like Im drinking a glass of juice from chilies, lemon, pear and bitter guard. The taste is soooo disturbing and disgusting. but they are fruits and vegetables which are good for my health! Perhaps after I drink it I would not constipate anymore! HAHA! -.-

Same goes to the reality of my life. I may feel like giving up now. For example, give up taking Chinese subject, give up the responsibility as a student reporter, give up the time with my friends, giving up everything and just study. Is this how it should be?

" Does study really worth that much? " Vivian said.

Does it worth that much to building a wall between me and the world, just for the sake of studying? NO NO. School life is not just plainly about study, Yee Ling! Don't give up anything you are grasping right now. Stick to the decision you made. Heee :) You may feel heavy now but who knows one day you will be grateful that you made these decisions. And remember, you're not alone! :)

Happy birthday to you, you live in the zoo, you look like a monkey, and you act like one too!  this lyrics is cute! hahaaaa!

Random post. Chinese New Year is around the corner! Annual family trip is coming!
Woooooohaaahaa! Excitement fills my heart!
oppps. I recorded video of dancing again by the way. Hahaaa the interest of dancing is still raising mum mum mia! hahaaaa!

Off to yoga! Heeee bye!

If you want peace for an hour, 
If you want peace for an afternoon, 
If you want peace for a day, 
go to the beach.
If you want peace for a week, 
kiss Mum.
If you want peace for a year, 
give to the needy.
If you want peace for a lifetime, 
simply forgive!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Form 4!

Happy new year everyone!
2010 was a pretty fine year for me. yeah sure there were ups and downs last year but I appreciate everything that life brought to me. I personally think that I've turned into a steadier person. Yet uh, I'm still not courageous enough, not confident enough, not sociable enough etc. So conclusion is, there is waaayyyy much more to be improved this year! :D

I have no big resolutions this year, I just wanna live my life to its fullest! and be happier! :)

Happy school everyone! :P


Friday, December 31, 2010

Take me away!

Finally I get to upload this video successfully! Ahahaa! make it as the last post of 2010 :D
I recorded this video is to see where my weaknesses are. and yeah, I have a lot! :( No powerful enough, too rushing etc. However, I wanna improve! :D

Teacher: Rebecca Lee from Soul Krazy (I wish Im not a shame of her hahaa!)
Song: Come on girl by Taio Cruz

Feel free to comment people! :) 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I can't let the laziness to take over me again! :O hahaa. It has been a week since my last update. Apology? Heee. Guess Im becoming an inactive internet user huh. I don't update my facebook status, I seldom view my friends' profile and blogs. Today, there was a voice ordering me that I've to be active on both virtual and real social worlds! Yee Ling ah Yee Ling, kawan ah kawan :D 

2011 is just a few days ahead! Am looking forward! :D and,
I'm here to resuscitate my blog! woohooo!

Well I know Im kinda late to talk about Christmas hahaa. But yo! I actually spent my Christmas eve with my sampat friends! thanks Wanyi for always gathering us together :) sigh Vivian didn't manage to turn up :/ I had much fun though I think we weren't crazy and got high enough! :D


my friends and my name were publicized on Sin Chew Daily!

Where did I go last week? -- I got chosen to take part in the student reporter training camp by Sin Chew Daily!

Meeting up with all top students from different areas just instantly made me feel so small. Like how? They were not only of those excel in study but were also good at organizing events etc. Some of them had good leadership. There were excitement, tears, tension and laughter in this camp. When all mixed up together, it's a new taste in my life. I got so much invaluable things from this camp -- friendship and development of self.

ignore my messy bedroom. 
look at my backpack! did I tell you my biggest dream is to travel around the world as a backpacker? :D

I used to camp for a reason -- for a person. Yet now, I camp for my future -- for myself. This training camp decided my entire form4 school life. Through this camp, I've learnt about how a camp works, how to write for a publication, how to interview a person and so on. Doing things that I never have done before. Freshness of life brings me excitement :D

The second time I cried during a camp. You know, this is a completely different camp compared to the camps that I used to take part in. The facilitators were literally yelling and scolding you every single minute! They shouted when you walked slowly; They shouted when you just going to take off your shirts to bathe etc. Imagine, if your closest ones treat you in that way everyday. They never smile at you. Neither be kind for you. For the four days three nights, I almost went insane -.- We got no watches or cellphone and totally had no idea about how time passed. Day, night. Day, night. I got especially nostalgic at night. Sleepless :(      

well well. we walked 5km from SJK(C)Guang Han to KTM station. To interview! OMG OMG. Interview strangers! this was so cool scary! We were given a topic " Our Malaysian culture is being left behind among youngsters, what's your opinion? " and we needed to interview the people waiting at KTM station there. It might seem easy for some of you guys but its really hard for me. What if those who being interviewed are speechless? How are you going to make them speak out? Because after that you have to write a report within half an hour to conclude their point of views. A big mission to me. Cold sweat, stiff, embarrassing smile, stammering.  Just imagine how weird do I look -.-

he only got a few pictures on internet :O this is the best hahaaa! cute right!

I had my most enjoyable moments when Rawang Boy 钟进贺, our ex Xueji leader giving speech. he had such good sense of humour! When everyone of us were crying, stiffened, he was always able to soften the atmosphere, made laughter. I love the way he talks! and his bloody cute body size! HAHAAA. like a ball! Just like my brother :D

By the way, my title was the slogan of the camp :)


I dont know why I love this picture so much! like the purest sampat us! 
haha! ah yi ah yi :P

Vivian has less words in her blog, I have less pictures in my blog. Hahahaa. What's wrong ah? Weee! Off to.. dinner! Oh Im recording my dance video. wish me luck to upload the video successfully! hahaaa!



Sunday, December 19, 2010

What next?

Once upon a time...

age: 4 to 6

1999 to 2001
I had long hair!fish braid some more!  :P
and the handsome little boy next to me was my crush xD I confessed to him before! haha! bet he doesn't remember!

age: 11

and this were my terrible yet cutie days :P haha! 
primary school! no long hair was allowed unless I was learning ballet :/ SO WHAT. guess I was the most daring one in school xD see! I could actually spike up my hair! haha!

age: 13

June, 2008. 
Form 1 was a totally different me :D as you can see my short hair grew longer, reached my ears. and I look so cute with this kind of bang haha!

age: 14



I've been wanting some stylish or unique hairstyles, so this was one of them! one side short one side long :P still can remember one of the comments was "hey, your hair got bitten by dog?" -.- well I hardly received any compliments. haha! but I love this hairstyle so much!


December. prom night
school look
most of my friends especially guys said I look nice with long hair.
Then I tried to grow it. this wasn't really long though. 
Now, I anti long hair. I looked even paler than usual with long hair okay! HAHAA.
The way how the others look at me doesn't matter to me anymore.
I will do whatever according how I feel. Don't.ever.try 
because I'm living for myself :) 

age: 15

January, 2010
 back to short hair. the brand new year. The new me was born :D

February, 2010
the shortest bang I've ever had :P practically just a few hair at front. 
love it! I didn't always need to clip it up! LOL


April, 2010.
and my most daring hairstyle. I actually dyed my hair dark blue! hahaa! no teachers realized that :P and mushroom short hair is the hit! 

when mushroom becomes curly :p
when mushroom hair got styled, July 2010

mushroom short hair rocks! xD
I love this! but I hate that I don't have much hair :/
I need to always blow the mushroom only it looks nice. hahaa

August, 2010.
Mushroom became annoying when it grew longer. So, perm it! :D

November, 2010.
yay! made my hair even more curly!

curly mushroom!

Ding Dong! random post! Hahaaa.
really got no idea what hairstyle should I have next :/ hmmm. any idea? haha!