Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I can't let the laziness to take over me again! :O hahaa. It has been a week since my last update. Apology? Heee. Guess Im becoming an inactive internet user huh. I don't update my facebook status, I seldom view my friends' profile and blogs. Today, there was a voice ordering me that I've to be active on both virtual and real social worlds! Yee Ling ah Yee Ling, kawan ah kawan :D 

2011 is just a few days ahead! Am looking forward! :D and,
I'm here to resuscitate my blog! woohooo!

Well I know Im kinda late to talk about Christmas hahaa. But yo! I actually spent my Christmas eve with my sampat friends! thanks Wanyi for always gathering us together :) sigh Vivian didn't manage to turn up :/ I had much fun though I think we weren't crazy and got high enough! :D


my friends and my name were publicized on Sin Chew Daily!

Where did I go last week? -- I got chosen to take part in the student reporter training camp by Sin Chew Daily!

Meeting up with all top students from different areas just instantly made me feel so small. Like how? They were not only of those excel in study but were also good at organizing events etc. Some of them had good leadership. There were excitement, tears, tension and laughter in this camp. When all mixed up together, it's a new taste in my life. I got so much invaluable things from this camp -- friendship and development of self.

ignore my messy bedroom. 
look at my backpack! did I tell you my biggest dream is to travel around the world as a backpacker? :D

I used to camp for a reason -- for a person. Yet now, I camp for my future -- for myself. This training camp decided my entire form4 school life. Through this camp, I've learnt about how a camp works, how to write for a publication, how to interview a person and so on. Doing things that I never have done before. Freshness of life brings me excitement :D

The second time I cried during a camp. You know, this is a completely different camp compared to the camps that I used to take part in. The facilitators were literally yelling and scolding you every single minute! They shouted when you walked slowly; They shouted when you just going to take off your shirts to bathe etc. Imagine, if your closest ones treat you in that way everyday. They never smile at you. Neither be kind for you. For the four days three nights, I almost went insane -.- We got no watches or cellphone and totally had no idea about how time passed. Day, night. Day, night. I got especially nostalgic at night. Sleepless :(      

well well. we walked 5km from SJK(C)Guang Han to KTM station. To interview! OMG OMG. Interview strangers! this was so cool scary! We were given a topic " Our Malaysian culture is being left behind among youngsters, what's your opinion? " and we needed to interview the people waiting at KTM station there. It might seem easy for some of you guys but its really hard for me. What if those who being interviewed are speechless? How are you going to make them speak out? Because after that you have to write a report within half an hour to conclude their point of views. A big mission to me. Cold sweat, stiff, embarrassing smile, stammering.  Just imagine how weird do I look -.-

he only got a few pictures on internet :O this is the best hahaaa! cute right!

I had my most enjoyable moments when Rawang Boy 钟进贺, our ex Xueji leader giving speech. he had such good sense of humour! When everyone of us were crying, stiffened, he was always able to soften the atmosphere, made laughter. I love the way he talks! and his bloody cute body size! HAHAAA. like a ball! Just like my brother :D

By the way, my title was the slogan of the camp :)


I dont know why I love this picture so much! like the purest sampat us! 
haha! ah yi ah yi :P

Vivian has less words in her blog, I have less pictures in my blog. Hahahaa. What's wrong ah? Weee! Off to.. dinner! Oh Im recording my dance video. wish me luck to upload the video successfully! hahaaa!



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