Sunday, December 19, 2010

What next?

Once upon a time...

age: 4 to 6

1999 to 2001
I had long hair!fish braid some more!  :P
and the handsome little boy next to me was my crush xD I confessed to him before! haha! bet he doesn't remember!

age: 11

and this were my terrible yet cutie days :P haha! 
primary school! no long hair was allowed unless I was learning ballet :/ SO WHAT. guess I was the most daring one in school xD see! I could actually spike up my hair! haha!

age: 13

June, 2008. 
Form 1 was a totally different me :D as you can see my short hair grew longer, reached my ears. and I look so cute with this kind of bang haha!

age: 14



I've been wanting some stylish or unique hairstyles, so this was one of them! one side short one side long :P still can remember one of the comments was "hey, your hair got bitten by dog?" -.- well I hardly received any compliments. haha! but I love this hairstyle so much!


December. prom night
school look
most of my friends especially guys said I look nice with long hair.
Then I tried to grow it. this wasn't really long though. 
Now, I anti long hair. I looked even paler than usual with long hair okay! HAHAA.
The way how the others look at me doesn't matter to me anymore.
I will do whatever according how I feel. Don't.ever.try 
because I'm living for myself :) 

age: 15

January, 2010
 back to short hair. the brand new year. The new me was born :D

February, 2010
the shortest bang I've ever had :P practically just a few hair at front. 
love it! I didn't always need to clip it up! LOL


April, 2010.
and my most daring hairstyle. I actually dyed my hair dark blue! hahaa! no teachers realized that :P and mushroom short hair is the hit! 

when mushroom becomes curly :p
when mushroom hair got styled, July 2010

mushroom short hair rocks! xD
I love this! but I hate that I don't have much hair :/
I need to always blow the mushroom only it looks nice. hahaa

August, 2010.
Mushroom became annoying when it grew longer. So, perm it! :D

November, 2010.
yay! made my hair even more curly!

curly mushroom!

Ding Dong! random post! Hahaaa.
really got no idea what hairstyle should I have next :/ hmmm. any idea? haha!


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