Tuesday, December 14, 2010


That's how i always make fun of her name, Adeline :)

Well this is another post that i especially write for my besties heee. I guess by expressing how I truly feel for my friend is much more meaningful than any present that money can buy yeah? (Hey guys don't you think this is a great idea/ excuse for not buying a present :P) Oh well, you know it! Friendship is priceless! It can't be weighed by how expensive the present is! xD I didn't buy anything for her though hahaaa. Imma be a bad friend XD

i think this is our first picture? form1! hahaaa and i remember wah lung was in front of us. don't-know-what school event was going on. xD

Hahaaa. Adeline! Do you still remember how we know each other? No? Yes?
Okay honestly, I can't recall :P Yet I have a clear picture that there was once you argued with Hui Shen. You chose to leave her and came to me. We sat together since then. Was that how our friendship started off? Hahaaa

our acting-lesbian picture! it was year 2008. hahaaa. remember? we're with Hui Shen. 
Celebrating both your birthdays :D

Kian Lim's birthday! the first time I saw you wearing skirt? hahaa!

kinda random picture hahaa! denice edited this? hahaa! i wanna kisssss you! :P

our sampat time -.- hahaa! our sivik project ended up like that :P

I admit that I'm a hot-tempered, kind of stubborn and emotional person. At times, I might just get mad at you unreasonably. And there was once my jealousy and inferiority took over me as your popularity was raising fast. Hahaaaa. That maybe only just my own fight and I don't think you even realized it if i never told eh? YOU BIG BIG NOOBIE DUMMY :P

you wearing sari! tak boleh pakai lah you're too skinny hmmmp

Heeee! during our break time of working! hahaaa! so great lah these memories :) we're on the road camwhoring baby! xD

us with Sofea! heee! still prefer your student uniform rather than prefect :/

our future dentist! hahaa! before our PMR! loving your smile :)

How am I gonna describe you? Uh hmm. Pure H2O? hahaaaaa

You're another innocent baby to me besides Denice! As pure as pure water hee! you know, when i realized that you were so eager to meet me up just to ask my opinion about your relationship, I feel good :D Indeed. Though you are always not sensitive enough to my emotions... you give me chances to take a peek at your inside thought sometimes. Hahhaaa. PS: A good friend will always make you feel important :) Im gonna list out things that I love doing with you hahaaa

  1. I love arguing with you
  2. I love we can always hit our asses against each other's 
  3. I love resting my arm on your shoulder
  4. I love it when I "accidentally" step on your shoes, you will shout : Wei, I just washed them! and step on mine again
  5. I love we lean against the classroom door and look out at the greenly field, chat about anything from school leng zai leng lui to our future. and when teacher comes, we run back to our seats XD
  6. I love each time after we snap a picture, you will always complain that your hair is messy, your face looks weird.. and again we snap. again you complain, again we snap .. XD
 the list goes on.

Haahahaa. Things we experienced together might seem little for you but they mean a lot to me. They are part of my school life memories. :)

Awwww my hair stands -.- How can I actually write something so geli to you! LOL. ini macam a confession post hahaaa! wei Adeline Wong Be Wern,


thanks Vivian for making all this to Deline! heee! again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELINE! its almost 12am and Im rushing to finish this post! hahaaa

=D May all your wishes come true! Be cheerful always! I CINTA PADAMU! hahaaaa! Muah! 

PS: By the way, Deline ah, can you please help me to say thanks to your mom? 

Because NO her, NO you, NO us! :D 


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