Thursday, December 9, 2010

the sun emerges

woke up reluctantly in the gloomy morning yoga and had breakfast ate sour pineapple and worked as a waitress till afternoon and go home with exhausted body and ate a slice of salty cheese and a sweet banana. Hahaaa. My day was average.

Life is kinda plain for me now but I wouldn't say its boring. I was walking in a shopping centre yesterday and I really do love the feeling for being alone. It's not the feeling of lonely. Wandering around in a book store, I was blank-minded. How awesome is that, when a normal human being can actually have time to think of nothing. Hahaaa its weird though. Call me giler. Well i think im just simply contented :)

Uh huh. but I do indulge myself in some awesome food sometimes! haaahha!

ahaa! I had 北京田鸭 at Hong Kee located at Connaught with my sis and her boyfriend. these are just the skin of the duck. they taste great together with the sauce!

and at the same day, we went all the way to Asia Cafe at Subang to eat these delicate and delicious sushi! take a look people! :D

they don't just impress you with their appearance heehee :P when you get to chew them, all the ingredients mixed together.. woah you'll just go speechless and you just gonna remember the taste forever! Hmmmmm~

 look at our reactions when eating those sushi! even my dad who is loath eating sushi, loves them! :D

 Sushi Heng! You'll fall in love with him once you eat the sushi that he made! its like a drug hahaa! but you'll get intimidated by his serious-looking as well. He glared at me when I took his picture. Maybe he doesn't like to be captured? and he doesn't talk much hahaa. Hoho! yeah one thing! if you get to order his sushi, don't order from the menu. It would be a waste if you order from the menu. So, request him to create some sushi on spot! hahaa 

TIPS: while waiting, be a patient and enthusiastic audience. hahaa. I describe customer as audience because the process is absolutely like a performance! hahaaa. You can feel his heart making those sushi. and for sure the sushi you're going to eat will taste even better! Awww I'm serious! heee!

Last Saturday. When I was being tortured by my own guiltiness, my sister bought a bouquet of flowers and wrote an apology letter to cheer mom up! Hahahaa. However mom's response was kind of unreadable when she received it urgh. Sister and I spent the night doubting whether mom has forgiven us.. And delightedly, the next day mom smiled at us! Hahaa finally it's over, everything has back to its right place.

It was another average but hot afternoon.

this is how my brother and I communicate :P

Priscilla is one of a few seniors that im still close with :) she's jotting down the notes or whatsoever which she supposed to have written during her classes. hahaaa

Priscilla using Kukumalu pencil box leh! How cute! xD

Pris is eager for the CS notes from my brother. she looks like a kid waiting for mama's ice-cream isn't it? xD

I always end up wordless in the end of my post. Why ah?
Oh yeah! did I mention I got chosen to be student reporter? Hahaaa. It was a delighting news for me but what makes me happier is, my mom allows me to participate the training camp! My protective mom was kind of disagree my decision to become a student reporter before passing up the application form. hahaa! but see! belum try belum tau :P now everything works out! (it actually rhymes huh?) woohooo!

I'm starving. Off for dinner. Toodles! :D

PS: I'm worried because I know you well.


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