Saturday, December 4, 2010

reminder of mistakes

I made two atrocious mistakes in two months time. 

First, I gave out opinions as if I was an expert. Second, I spilled out things that I should not have done so. and I mess up everything now. Screwed up.

Don't you think relation among people is, so vulnerable? It could be just broken due to a word, a gesture, or even only an expression. And sadly, once a relation is broken, even if it's healed, a scar is left there. You can still feel the pain after months, years, or forever. The scar will always remind you of the pain. Argh. Something very minor that you think it means nothing, it might mean a lot to somebody else. I'm sorry for everything. I've hurt so many people's feelings. I got no idea what to do anymore other than apologizing. I'm sorry.

SOH YEE LING, what do you want? want to be thanked because you've made a great deal? you want to act like a great person? Who do you think you are? Damn you SOH YEE LING! 

Hurting my friend, hurting my mom. These are my unforgivable mistakes in my teenage life, and I'm gonna keep them in my mind till I grow up and grow old. Lesson learnt: think think think and think before you say something.Words you say can mean nothing to yourself, but can be hurtful or offending to somebody else! SOH YEE LING take note!

I never had such strong feeling that I actually wanted to fly back to the past, preventing myself from making such mistakes :( I kept asking myself, why did I say so? Why? yet life goes on. you can't just live in the past, stuck at your own mistakes! learn from your mistake, and make sure don't repeat it! and after all, I'm sorry :)

its the night. 2 of December 2010. I'm sorry mom and er jie.

and I'm sorry, Vivian.

The sun still rises, the wind still blow, life goes on. 


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