Friday, January 21, 2011


to the power of 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

The timetable has been using its pseudopodia to engulf my life and my soul. INSANE!
Now I can even blog with those scientific names. Ah! I can't imagine I actually abandoned my blog for 3 weeks. What? 3 WEEKs! hahaaaa. Realizes I'm a little giler now? Yes, I am. I barely find any slots for 'internet', not to mention about blogging. I left my blog not updated for almost a month!

So, anyway.

we are feeling good :D

Form4 year is errrr. Well exactly like my title for this post.
and I seriously wonder who is the person that described form4 as a honeymoon year? Absolutely doesn't make sense okay! yet I feel like its a big turning of my life. The first gate to my ambition.

But its a challenge when I want to find the balancing point among my study, school suckish co-curriculum activities, personal life, student reporter and social life. etc.  when all mixed up together I feel like Im drinking a glass of juice from chilies, lemon, pear and bitter guard. The taste is soooo disturbing and disgusting. but they are fruits and vegetables which are good for my health! Perhaps after I drink it I would not constipate anymore! HAHA! -.-

Same goes to the reality of my life. I may feel like giving up now. For example, give up taking Chinese subject, give up the responsibility as a student reporter, give up the time with my friends, giving up everything and just study. Is this how it should be?

" Does study really worth that much? " Vivian said.

Does it worth that much to building a wall between me and the world, just for the sake of studying? NO NO. School life is not just plainly about study, Yee Ling! Don't give up anything you are grasping right now. Stick to the decision you made. Heee :) You may feel heavy now but who knows one day you will be grateful that you made these decisions. And remember, you're not alone! :)

Happy birthday to you, you live in the zoo, you look like a monkey, and you act like one too!  this lyrics is cute! hahaaaa!

Random post. Chinese New Year is around the corner! Annual family trip is coming!
Woooooohaaahaa! Excitement fills my heart!
oppps. I recorded video of dancing again by the way. Hahaaa the interest of dancing is still raising mum mum mia! hahaaaa!

Off to yoga! Heeee bye!

If you want peace for an hour, 
If you want peace for an afternoon, 
If you want peace for a day, 
go to the beach.
If you want peace for a week, 
kiss Mum.
If you want peace for a year, 
give to the needy.
If you want peace for a lifetime, 
simply forgive!

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