Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pulau Sapi @ Sabah

Da lang, Da lang, 
Da lang da lang da lang da lang da lang..

My mood is in ease :D

It's like everything is running smooth, though I have to school and the school is so much more boring than its before PMR. PMR has over, now school teachers are focusing on final papers and SPM. Form3 students are being dumped and we're basically wasting time, chit-chatting in school. Yet time just passes like that.

Frankly, I prefer exams. 
Hey, at least I have something to work hard for instead of being rotten now. I just can't live without purpose, like study. Because once I slow down, I'm slow and once I get lazy, I'm lazy. hahhaa. Anyhow, I will just take it as a break and soon, perhaps I'm gonna help out my sister at her saloon. Now possibility of getting another part-time job to gain new experience seems low. well, almost none :(

Hahhaaa. I'm so gonna blog about my trip to Sabah! Aww! you miss my pictures, don't you? :D

Sabah, Sabah ♥

I was kind of surprised that the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu took us about 1 and a half hour, which was quite a long journey for me. It's Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday, we spent our holidays in Sabah! This is my very first time to travel in Sabah, with much pleasure :) Traveling locally gave me a kind of intimate feeling, especially with my family :D

 Before boarding the ship or boat for Pulau Sapi!

One of the most memorable and interesting places of my trip was here! Pulau Sapi! 
There are many other islands in Sabah for examples like Pulau Sipadan and Pulan Manukan. But the tour guide we followed (we asked for a tour guide at the hotel), recommended us to Pulau Sapi. All hotels and resorts were fully booked on those islands, whoa? Sabah islands is indeed an ideal place for vacation yeah? Woots

wow I love this picture, mommy! I'm gonna include this in the album :P

Beach boy!

You just gonna love here!

According to what I have found out on website, Pulau Sapi is renowned because of its clean white sand, crystal clear water and coral reefs, which makes it ideal for swimming, snorkeling and diving. These are all true I assure you! :D Despite the island has been developed into one of those tourists attraction, it's good to see that the place is still being well-preserved. You will just go ewww when you get to see the beach in Kuantan :( The so-called sand is kinda black and yellowish like mud :O Ishhh

Pulau Sapi is the nicest beach I've been thus far! But I know there are even nicer beaches out there :D Pulau Redang, when can I visit you?


I mean, don't leave any rubbish behind but only your footprints :) 



I love this Karate kid! hahahaa

Here come some fun and scream-out-loud activities!


We're in the sky!

I know it's one of those non-environmental friendly motorised sports but gahhh, if I didn't go for it I'm gonna regret :( I had so much fun! Felt the salty wind sweeping by my face, flying up high in the sky and watching the panorama beneath us, what I did was just screaming in amazement! If you intend to get wet, you can tell the beach boys : nak kena air, they will do this to you..

Like this! hahahaa.

My body had literally turned to the other way round when we reached the seawater. The frictional force was too strong for me -.- I drank quite plenty of seawater 'cause I shouted too much hahaa


Ahh girls, I would advise you not to play this as it kills lots of energy. Unless you're playing gym or good at arm wrestling hahaa, or else you won't be able to hold the handle for long without feeling your arm numb after this :/ for guys who always do exercise, it will be a handy work.

Scary :O

Because I fell into the ocean as I didn't have enough strength to hold the handle when it came to a change of direction. You know why they called it as Flyfish? The whole thing flied upright like a flying flyfish or whatsoever when the boat sped up! *Blash!* I was in the ocean! I was so frightened! Because up until today I still don't know how to swim! I felt like dying! :/

( I recalled I shouldn't be alive of Discovery channel which feared me even further -.-)  

Look at my tortured face -.- 
but my brother felt nothing. He said he purposely fell into the sea when the activity almost came to an end -.-

I fell twice. 
the first time I felt sucks. the second time I was sunbathing. hahaaa! got life jacket mah! :D

Back to the beach

We had BBQ lunch here. The little crabs tasted great but I didn't eat much due to my complete exhaustion. Was cursing the Flyfish activity anyway hahaaa. Literally forcing my arm to work :/

Yong Chien was looking for the shapes of I Love You dead corals for her girlfriend during snorkeling hahaaa


 awwww I love this! cannot forget the sampat face xD

Back to main land

OMG the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. Credit to James :D

More posts coming up! Stay tuned! :)

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