Friday, October 29, 2010

Say Hello to confidence!

Ways to build confidence
  • Laugh out loud
  • Learn to look into people's eyes
  • Increase your speed of walking by 25%, walk upright
  • speak out in front of people
  • sit at front seat
  • compliment yourself (means to be perasan! :P) 
  • seek the good point of your personalities
  • be passionate and agree to your work
  • look at yourself in the mirror more often, find the favourite and most satisfied part of your body
  • take part in gathering or outings, take chances to make new friends, widen the ranges of friends

 I got these from a Chinese magazine. Which one are you practicing now? I only kena five out of ten :/


like a rat LOL

I was actually self-doubting my capabilities.

I thought I've built up my confidence, not until I realized that I do sometimes avoid meeting people's eyes and avoid talking to somebody. That is a bizarre feeling :/ It's not like I'm afraid of something.. You know what? I do not even dare to order a delivery of Domino's pizza through phone call even though I really really really have the urge to eat a pizza at the moment. I would just ask anyone else to do so but not myself. The lack of confidence causes me to be so?

Apologies for readers as I'm not blogging about Sabah trip :) still seeking the mood.
I think I'm jotting down one of the transitions of my growth process. I'm still working hard on building my confidence. I believe building up confidence needs a lifetime.We need to be confident in ourselves if we wish to succeed in life. Have you ever heard of the "Law of attraction"? If not, read The Secret. It has English and Mandarin version, and a notebook version? Hahaa. I strongly believe in this principle :)

Anyway, thanks Vivian for your very loooong message! hahaaa

I will update as soon as I get into the mood! :D

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