Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy could be her name

I'm happy due to my friends' cheerfulness or, my friends are happy due to my cheerfulness?
My answer is, it works in both ways :)

An emotional friend will cool down the atmosphere of the room, brings up the upset mood to others. A cheerful friend will heat up the atmosphere of the room, spreading happy mood to others. What I'm always trying to do is, not to be self-centered. If I'm unhappy, at least smile, for not to influence the mood of the rest, this is especially has to be taken note during a party. PARTY :D

best Halloween look :P

And there is a girl, a noisy one, a sticky one, a hyperactive one. She seems to have energy with no limitation. When she smiles, she smiles the sweetest. When she laughs, she laughs the loudest. When she screams, she screams the highest pitch that might burst your eardrum. But you still love her, because she's so sweet, so cute, so sincere, so innocent.


our dao gei days hahaaa. 2009.

Hahaaa. I just got to know your phone was spoiled 2 days ago so that means my message didn't get through. So yeah, I'm here again to wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May all your wishes come true! You're amazing in the way you are, so stick to be who you are now :) Don't change. Stay pretty, healthy and happy!

 belated happy birthday wish :)

Loves <3

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