Saturday, November 6, 2010

Baby you're a firework

You don't have to feel like a waste of space. You're original, cannot be replaced.
If you only knew what the future holds After a hurricane comes a rainbow..

the sampat face as usual :P

Already a number of my friends fall sick lately - due to unpredictable weather, pollutions and inadequate rest or whatever reason. Now even myself is in the list. Yeah am feeling better after simply shaking body following the beat of songs "Like a G6" and "Toy Soldier". At least the perspiration has cut down the uneasiness of feeling sick, and I feel more cheerful now.

Yet I feel so useless at this moment.
My friends are feeling down but I could help nothing. I'm afraid of saying things to both of them as I might hurt them even further. So I choose to keep quiet :/ Ahhhh Vivian and CheeRen, stay strong. I hope you guys can hear this. I believe the rainbow will appear soon, real soon for you guys. Stay to have faith and be positive. :)

When we're delighted with our country development as we have higher quality of lifestyle, we wish we can go backwards, stay close with nature.

When we are running too fast, we wish life is slower-paced.

When we know more, we wish we can know less.

When our life gets complicated, we wish it can be simpler.

Even a 9-year-old little girl committed suicide, 
because of overloaded homework.

When I was as this age, I don't think I even know what does 'suicide' really mean. Where has the innocence of a child gone? Hassles which needed to be solved in our life will increase as our age increases. I know, this is something called growth.

When life is falling down, why don't we sit back, and picture how gigantic the universe is, how tiny we human beings are. If the predication of 2012 is the end of the world does come true, are your problems now are problems? If you think you can accept life and death as something you must go through, why don't you see downfalls as memorable chapters of your life? It is normal to fall, it is normal to fail in our life.

My sister said, "ehhh everyone knows these principles of life, but not everyone can practice them." Yes, she is right. But we people need to be often reminded. I often remind myself, that is why I repeat and repeat all this over and over again in my posts. I wish my words can at least make your mind clearer, can at least make you take a break to think. Hahaaa, good luck!

The world is just awesome!


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