Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(This is me)

 I'm gonna drown you with all of my pictures!
I mean it seriously!

 while everyone is calling me as Auntie Soh (which I don't mind but like it) due to my curly short hair, I love it because I think it suits me the best! hahahaa

If I could, I would transform myself into someone else (which I could back to the original me later on -.-) who lives a totally different type of lifestyle as mine. For examples, the lifestyle of

  • a vain teenage girl who can go shopping without looking at price tags
  • Sultan
  • Prime Minister
  • crippled person
  • a complete uneducated person
  • Lady Gaga

Hahahaa I've run out of ideas but I know, the list will never end.
So I can put myself into their shoes, I can feel how feel they feel deep inside, but would not just look at the surface. I once read an article which said that, "no matter how plain the lifestyle of a person is, his or her life can still be written into books.."

Because everyone is UNIQUE,
in his or her own way.

No one can be replaced by anyone.We are born to create our own stories ( or perhaps fairy tales :P), to leave memories to our grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great grandchildren, great great great grandchildren alright I'm suffocating LOL. Hahaha. And thanks Bao, while writing this post just remind me of you. hahaaa :D

 " you will look pretty when you're confident with yourself "  
I don't remember who said it but I wish I can really do it!

Hahaha craps. 
I just love to talk non-stop lately, especially with Ong Wan Yi. Well, I should say its argument more than talking hahaa. I find that I much prefer talking face to face with people in real world instead of in virtual world. That makes a big difference. Don't tell me that the emoticons can work efficiently because they don't work perfectly on me. Hahaa. It's fun and challenging if you can read people's mind through face expressions. Aya! I talk craps again. hahaaaa

macam very yeng je LOL

the top belongs to my sister, which is way too big for me. 
hahaaa so she clipped it to make it has curve on me.

Vivian! I'm wearing the earrings you gave me! xD 


curly curly short hair. hahahaa I really love you :P

I don't think I can do this arching for awhile :(

and split :/ 'cause I sort of hurt my waist? or backbone? no enough warm up for dance! :/

hahaaaaa. I still have pictures. But.. you wouldn't wanna see anymore coz I'm in the same outfit. hahaaa. alright gotta go :) need to text with Vivian now hahaaa. 

PS: When I lack confidence, I work hard to build it. When I think Im confident enough, I'm worried that I might get over-confident. Aduh. It's hard to maintain it in balance. Any idea? hahaha


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