Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dancing in front of two guys

happy constipation? hahaaaa


Oh my gosh.

I felt pretty steady before today as if it was no big deal. But, it is a BIG DEAL!
It decides how am I gonna spend my entire form4 school life, or even gives a thrilling turning point of my life being a human. Ding! Glong Glong! Woah! Okay I just wanna stress how important the day was hahaa xD

My dad was the driver of the day, you know, the dearest best driver <3
We went all the way from Cheras, spent around 1 hour plus due to a little traffic jam, to Sin Chew Daily office, Petaling Jaya. Well you're guessing it, I'm having an interview, as a student reporter, or cadet of reporter. Sounds cool eh? the R-E-P-O-R-T-E-R. Hahaa. As a very Chinesey student like me, being a student reporter is an honor. It is something to be proud of :D

They call themselves as 'Xue Ji', 学记♥ 
and as senior 'Xue Ji' , we call them as 'Xue jie'(for girl) and 'Xue zhang' (for guy). 
Zhi Wei is Xue jie :)

Okay let's back to the story hahaa.
I went there with my two good-girl friends. In my dictionary, good-girl friends means the very hardworking type, the ones who would spend time to study rather than hanging out type of friends. hahaa alright too much information. So we were in our casual but tidy look. Yet surprisingly almost everyone who went there for the same purpose, they wore in formal school look! We were like OMG what went wrong?

"Don't worry, they wouldn't kick us back to home just because of our attire."
 One of us said.
We gonna be the most outstanding and awesome ones of the day woohoo
I thought inside, laughing.

Yen Ping! :D and my sampat teeth hahaa

Every senior xue ji was pretty nice and friendly, except one.
I don't remember your name but roar, watch out. I remember your leng lui face, colour of your contact lens, your straight soft hair, your white shining teeth hahahaa. I macam complimenting her eh? -.- hmm what else that worth to jot down in this page of diary? Oh yeah, the part when I had hyperactive butterflies in my stomach! :O

Hui Shen :)

"Whose turn?"
I mustered all my courage to stand up!

The room was small - it fits four chairs and a round table. One smiling faced youngster and one serious-looking faced middle-aged guy. The temperature was ice-cold. I was asked to self-intorduced within one minute, without they interrupted me. I stammered, you know, this was my first interview ever. My heart was like bouncing out of my chest, I could feel cold sweat racing out of my pores. Aduh. It killed :/  I think it just lasted for a few seconds, I'd already out of words :X 

"So you like to dance? Can you perform a little in front of us?"


I was totally with :O face at that moment  Crazy fellas -.- Student reporter need to dance?! Hahaa. I usually dance in front of my friends(even though they macam ignore me most of the time hahaa) so yeah.. I managed to stand up and came out with some dance moves. Awkward! They ended up giggling at me wth. Where was my applause? HAHAAA.

I don't know when the result is out but I gotta read Sin Chew start from next Wednesday. Wish me luck okay? Heee. Because if I really get to become xueji, I will have so many camps that I can join! Woohahaa. And more freedom I can gain from my mom :P 

met up long-lost friend :D

Heee! toodles! <3


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