Monday, March 29, 2010

Lovely Sunday!


I like to keep myself busy. So that, I would not have extra time to think of something that is already non-related to my current life anymore. Or else I would go emotional, cry and anything. Yes. I get to make my mind occupied with lots of stuffs - school stuff, friends and family. Yet somehow..

I feel sort of... some parts of my life missing =(

I'm so-not-me lately hahaa. boo! guess its because I've become a FULL-TIME nerd LOL.
Hmm. Anyway, I'm getting used to it. Without the special one who used to giving me sweetness and happiness, I have changed. But well, happiness would not naturally go to me right? I got to explore and seek for it. hahahaa. and most importantly, grasp it =)

isssh. apalah ni. this is not my style of blogging! hahaa. I know you want pictures! hey very random one don't mind alright? hahaa. pictures of Thailand trip will takes me plenty of time. so forget it I'm lazy to upload =X

*Yee ling! can't you stop crapping in your post?* =.=



It's like any other Sundays I've had - always bright and sunny (hey now then I realize I never wake up in a rainy Sunday morning). 

But the afternoon was different.
A little destructive monster intruded into my house! =O

But no. I have a very close relationship with this little monster! =D
He had a pillow fight with my dad and broke my lips moisturizer =.= hahahaa. Who is he?

ah yes! He's my nephew Chi Hao! (not you sista =.=) heee. can you believe it? all these pictures are taken by himself! and what? He is only 3 years old! OMG. I gotta call him camwhore King and sifu now hahaaa. How come he has so many expressions yet still look so natural! and so cute! hahaa

even when he cried, he still looks cute! ahahaa. His hilarious actions makes our home full of laughters. The way he talks, is literally showing him as an overmatured kid. Acting like us only! hahaa. I remember he said, "aiya bu yao fan wo la!" -means don't disturb me. acting his mom's expression. He learned this from his mom aka my sister. hahaa made us laughed like hell only xD

When he happens to hear of a song for example Single ladies by Beyonce, hahhaa I tell you. he can dance better than Beyonce! lols!

see see! acting again xD

imitating some moves from movie. hyperactive hahaa.

this is how he reacts when he doesn't know who hit his ass. hahaha! laugh my ass off la! =D

he's pampered child xD

the mother aka my sampat sister. woohaa

maybe one child in the future? =X

okay! end this post with his fascinating smile hee

wooo blogging is cheering me up hee. Guess I'll have sweet dream neh. aha.

Good night everyone!   


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