Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day of School

I woke up with a SMILE this morning =)


fine. I don't mind showing my ugly teeth already =D

it has been almost a month since the last time I woke up at 6am. hahaa. well I normally slept until 10.30am during holidays. and its weird. I didn't feel reluctant to leave my lovely bed =D yet it was raining oh I supposed to sleep more? hahaa. After blowing my hair, I gave a smile to me again in the mirror. wow I was in such a good mood heee.

oh. then suddenly Xin Yun appeared in my mind.
its raining and I bet that dumb yun who always fells sick would still insist to walk to my house without an umbrella =( hahaa. so after taking my breakfast, I asked dad drove to her house. rather waited for her outside or else she would kena rain again hahaa.

well. school has no much changes. just some renovations which I think they make the school look uglier now hahaa. hmm Im studying in 3L and sadly being separated from my gang AGAIN =( it will be absolutely boring without you girls okay? especially Wanyi =X hmm you are like the most important one among us. heee. okay okay no ranking! hee you girls are all important to me! =D aish fortunately 3K is just next to 3L. so during recess we still can meet up easily hahaa.


WOI SOH YEE LING! no more laziness kay? hahaaa

one question. HOW COME THIS YEAR SCHOOL HAVE MORE LA-LA THAN LAST YEAR? @.@ they are such an eyesore yeah? oh god.

he gimme a call last night when I was asleep. and I didn't answer his call! =( thought those in NS cannot make call? hmm

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