Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year, New Me.


okay. it just reminds me that I'm getting older.

STOP STOP! why are you running Mr. Time? Slow down your pace please!

Sometimes I do feel panicked. Time flies like.. OH MY GOD! =( the second week of 2010 has already over. It passes so quickly and I always do not have any idea what have I done for the week, arghh, I think I've said this before eh? @@ PMR stress will just increase more and more as time goes closer to 5 of October.duh. Everyone in my class is like always remind me to study only. they do notes and read when teachers are not in class. ish. Be relaxed please? T_T

Form4 life is tough yeah?

woah I hear so many rants from my friends especially for Xin Yun. hahaa. She grumbled a lot that she couldn't get enough sleep because of long period of tuition and lack of time to finish her homework. wuuu. My another tuition friend in Science stream already shouting for help because she doesn't understand Add Maths at all. besides, she's having problem in biology and other subjects.

they do make me to have phobia for the life after PMR =(

hmm what do you usually do before you go to sleep?
I do always try to recall the things happened during the daytime every night before I go to sleep, it's like Im making a conclusion for my day, and then.. "tomorrow is definitely another good day" I say to myself. and my wish does always come true heehee.


went to A Wet cafe on 9/1/10. Yong Chien paid for the bill weee

hahaaa. I don't know why lately I type so much lar. just have a feeling.. shouldn't a blog have more words than pictures? hahaah. okay okay I type so much yet I still haven't reach my topic! I'm trying to tell you my wish list and how am I gonna achieve my wishes actually =) hahaa.

1. score full A's in PMR!

of coarse! study comes first before anything hahaa 8). I guess every form 3 student wishes for it yeah? hahaaa. my way to achieve it is to do loads and loads of exercises! because I believe practice makes perfect! C= oh yeah here I wanna specially say thanks to Pang Chee Ren or Vivian War hahaa. because Chee Ren didn't want 2 of the books from Vivian, so he gave them to me. hahaa thanks anyway! =)


2. sponsor a child

well you may visit this website to know more.
I've been thinking about it for a few days after the visit to this website, which I got from China Press. I happened to know about sponsoring a child - 助养一名儿童 when I listened to My FM. However, I actually know nothing about it. After viewing that website, I do really wish to help the children out. RM50 each month, I can seriously afford it. But it seems so hard when my family doesn't seem supportive.

brother :'' we do not even know where our money will go.. ''
sister :'' I also thought of sponsoring a child, but I myself hardly have much money..''
dad even worse, he laughed when I talked about it. ==

Anyway. I still wish for it. Sponsoring a child =)


3. go for a photo shoot

hahaa. I was around 6 years old in the pictures =X and after 8 years, I wish to have photo shoot again! hahaaa. its good to have your pictures since young till old. You can see your changes. sometimes it just makes me laugh when I look at those pictures C=
this wish is totally dependent on Yong Chien. hahaa. hope he can take many nice photos of me and my sister during the trip to Thailand! =D

4. learn to cook!

Grrr. this has been my wish since last year == I feel ashamed for not knowing how to cook =( hahaa. I just scared of fire. I have an impression that the a girl who doesn't know how to cook, is not gonna be a good girlfriend/wife/daughter. hahaaa. Nowdays I think guy is even a better cook than girl yeah? =O

Im running out of idea.
So what's your wish? Wanyi and Adeline.. May I know yours? heee

end my post with this cheerful picture! =DD


heee does she make you smile? hahaa she's my lovely sister and I love her =)

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