Saturday, February 6, 2010

Um. I guess I didn't kena gantung lar, Ong yi. hahahaa my form teacher said only after we receive warning for thrice only will be suspended. so I'm safe! hahaa.


CNY is just around the corner but I got really bored with my long fringe. so must change hairstyle! I know it's terrifying when it became...


like this!

woohoo! for girls, hahaaa who dare to cut until like this? =P LOL. I find myself very brave kay! it was so hard to convince myself to cut until so short! sister said this hairstyle is hot in Hong Kong. yeah? When sister finish cutting my hair, oh my. just like Sher Lynn's response hahaa. I know I look kinda boyish now. heee but I love it pretty much! I keep staring to myself when there's a mirror =D

I know. guys won't like girls to have this kinda hairstyle. they like girls to have long hair. hahaaa. so my hairstyle is like.. UNACCEPTABLE for them. LOL.but I just like the way I am! woohoo! =D


This book is so moving! it's a book talking about death. Or in more correct words, its about how people continue to live even when close to death, and also about how to bereaved live on after their love ones die. The stories in it can always make you tearful, however, it teaches you how to live optimistically. Highly recommended! but it's better don't read it before CNY lar hahaa. it's written by Yee Leong, a social worker/counselor who was awarded for Healthy Humanity Award in 2009. He has written a few books and I will go look for his books.

Thanks Cikgu Feli (my BM tuition teacher) for giving me this book! wish you can walk out from the cloud of sorrow too =) happy always.

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