Friday, February 5, 2010

It's better I have NO tears gland!


woohoooo! changed hairstyle again! my fringe is so short! hahaaa

Such a terrible day :(

It was like any other ordinary day. I didn't see the gloomy morning as an omen - weather nowadays is so unpredictable. Assembly was boring as usual. I cut my hair again and my fringe is really short. My girlfriends commented on it and we chit-chatted until the assembly was over.

Then, Form 3 students were asked to stay at the hall while the other forms went back to their classes. Okay we were just gonna listen whoever speeches again, I thought. Unexpectedly, it was a spot check! aww fine. My hair? it's just nice and short enough so they couldn't do anything on it; fingernails? still acceptable; stocking? gosh. I wore black socks in white shoes. Boo. prayed it just gonna be alright.

but it's not alright at all:(

I was dead when one of the whoever teachers came and checked our stocking. One by one. When she came to me, oh no. I gave her an awkward smile and showed her my socks.


Oh oh. so I got up with my face covered in hands like a criminal =X
oh come on. I was the only one from krk class who got caught okay. I felt seriously ashamed )= some more the teacher led me to the front of the people. aduh.

2 teachers commented on my 'outstanding' hairstyle while I was waiting for punishment =X hahaaa. one [which I don't know her name] said I look like an artist *woohoo* and Puan Lim said she wants to have the same hairstyle as me! @.@

Waited. with 2 big gangs of girls which I didn't know most of them. I supposed they were more innocent than me. Teacher said that their pinafore were too short but well.. their pinafores were of knee-long so where's the problem? What's the standard length actually? Did they give any clear idea? [School, I don't mean to be offensive.==]

The others were having the stocking problem like me. My mistake couldn't be forgiven I know lar. How about theirs? their socks were at ankle level what. Against the rules again? some students don't even wear socks please. ohmygosh.


we were asked to queue up in front of discipline room. Imagine we were the criminals, discipline room was the police station I guess? :S My mind was preoccupied with so many things. It was my first time entering the discipline room due to discipline mistake. I just couldn't help feeling a little worried. "It is just gonna be alright." I kept telling myself.

After awhile, the most 'well-known' hamsap teacher in our school [you know who is he] started to distribute some papers for all the 'criminals'. I started to feel panicked. What kinda papers could be given to me at such time? Tears gland began to work. Tears of worry.

It's a form. Yeah. Just a form. but wait! I saw the key word --- GANTUNG!

NO! How can this happen to me! argghhhh!
I was collapsed. its such a big strike to me! I never ever thought of being suspended this word for my school life. The first thing that I thought of was.. My record is gonna have a black spot there.NO! I wish to apply for scholarship someday! and if.. my record is bad.. How? What am I gonna do?

I admit I may had thought too far ahead. but I don't think my worries were unreasonable.

yes. I burst into tears although I tried really hard to control it! as for my title - IT's BETTER I HAVE NO TEARS GLAND! no tears gland no tears. Hooray! so I need not to control my emotion so hard. You know whenever I try to hold my tears from rolling out, I feel headache. I slapped myself. I breathed in deeply. but they were HELPLESS!

I was playing a drama? hello teacher. do you think I can interview to become an actress? GOD! you said I was playing a drama! yes! yes! Im a famous actress now right! now all crybabies can be actors or actresses!

Can I say 'whatever lar'? Still, they are teachers. they have to be respected. now we are in a school. we have to go along with the rules. haih. Thanks Puan Habibah [if I didn't spell her name wrongly], I suppose today was the blackest day of my school life, I'll take it as a lesson.


I don't wanna let you see my eyes. hmm. swollen and painful. can't even open properly. hahaa I cheer up d. don't worry. haaaha.

conclusion: I will have bought new pairs of socks by tomorrow ==
hooo. what a relief after blogging.hahaa. long post yeah. this is really 'priceless moment in school' ==

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