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Khob ku krub! @Thailand trip day1

[I made this draft a week ago man =.=]

Khob ku krub means thank you!
hee I'm gonna share some Thai words in the few coming posts.

Finally! I'm here blogging about my Thailand trip hee.Don't boo me please. At least I updated now right? heee


I brought a pen and a book along during the Thailand trip. For what? Do homework lols. I wrote diary for my trip. heee I know you must think that I'm so silly, but I need to write down what did I do when the memories are still fresh. Otherwise, it will double my blogging time.

So I'm gonna crap a lot. Ready? =D

First day of Thailand trip 16-2-2010.

11.00pm of Thailand time. I'm now at Bangkok, the capital of 'Land of 1000 Smiles'- Thailand, lying on the bed of room 4415 in Baiyoke Sky hotel, with the tv switched on, writing my first diary in Thailand...

Early in the morning, after having our breakfast in Mahkota Cheras, sister's boyfriend aka Leong Foon sent us: baba, mama, Yong Chien, Pinky and me to LRT station. Our destination- KLIA. It took us about 30 minutes to reach there.

while ah gor was buying the tickets. sister and I.


this picture is kind of blurred but our smiles are so attractive right? hahaa while waiting for the train.

I look ugly I know! hahaaa but I love baba's innocent expression =D


baba even hyper until danced. hahaa

 sister was peeking when brother was capturing photo. heeehee

 the weird blue light.He's noob I know, need not to mention :P

I was surprised that, KLIA actually was rated as the best airport of the world in the year 2005 and 2006. Surprised? Malaysia isn't that bad right. =)
The tour group which I joined was made up by 33 persons. When we were all at the meeting points, we went for check-in and stuff. Our flight departed at 12.30pm and we arrived the largest airport in Asia -- Thai Aiport after 2 hours.


we were acting emotional apparently. hahaa

it makes me think of Mr Bean. hahaa

siapakah dia? noobie abang saya! =P

One of our tour guides was from Thailand, we called him P Chen (which means Mr Chen in Thai language). One thing that is very common in Bangkok -- traffic jam =( It is just the same as Kuala Lumpur. Bangkok is the city which has the most amount of vehicles in the world, too. so you can imagine how serious the pollution is over here. =/ Carbon monoxide sulphur dioxide and bla bla bla are everywhere =S

most of their taxis are Toyota yeah? so colorful and looked like toy car. hahaa

Here we came to the center of the city, we reached Baiyoke Sky hotel. How weird. The lobby was located at 18th floor of the building but not the ground floor. Besides, they had 3 types of lifts for different purposes.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel. lobby.

he's holding my favourite snacks.

1.One was for the people who wanted to go up and down between the ground floor and lobby. They hired lift boys or girls, standing outside the lift, they would say Sawadika to welcome you and helped you to hold your lift door.
2.The second type was specially for us to go to our rooms. What impressed me was, you could only go to certain floor with the certain room cards. With that, they could make sure there were no lebih people going to that floor, ensuring our safety and privacy as well.
3.Another type was particularly for us to go to the restaurants and other shops in the hotel.

Thai pineapple rocks! =D

 'it scared me,there was people talking over the phone' that was what she said after capturing LOL

I feel good with all these systematic management. Hahaa opps too much of advertising =.=
When we were settled down, we wandered around outside of the hotel. We just couldn't help our excitement. We wanted to explore Bangkok so badly! =D People and vehicles were everywhere. Crowded place and polluted air. City life.

Thai food? I don't know. Just felt like taking picture of them haah.

I felt secure when walking along the streets, needed not to grasp my bag every single minute, worrying that I would be the prey of snatch thief. BECAUSE, I was in Thailand. Snatch case was hardly heard of in Thailand even in a busy and developed city like Bangkok. Unlike in M'sia, it's like once you stepped out of your house, you've to be extra alert and careful. you know why if you do read newspaper =/

 the view around the hotel.

After the walk, we were back to hotel. We went up almost the top of the building, 75th floor -- for Sky Buffet. Not much comment about the food because it tasted just nice, but not awesome. We can actually have it in M'sia. If seriously want to compare, um.. the food here is much better than the food in Palace of Golden House lols, as what my parents said.

 Sky Buffet.

 where we sat.

oh food food food! hee

photographer: yee ling. heee I like the left one.

night view from different camera. how come mine looks better and clearer than bro's one? heee

random shot.

We arrived the biggest night market of.. um Bangkok I guess. well their pasar malam was.. OMG humongous! (leanrt this word from Derek LOL.) You could be lost easily here and yeah, beware of pickpocket. 

bulbs? whatever they call. they look so nice.

Time passed by so fast, it was the end of the first day of trip..


PS: Seniors! I'm gan jeong for you all!=S 


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