Thursday, March 11, 2010


second day of Bangkok trip =D


=D I'm lazy and not in a blogging mood.
I wanna scream I wanna cry I wanna dance I wanna shake my butt I wanna jump I wanna play badminton I wanna laugh out loud I wanna sing Boom De Yada!

but where's my energy gone? Boom!

Nandesga? =/

Yes I guess she's insane :)
hahaha so random lar this post. Wanna crap about Bangkok trip but I don't have any idea to crap LOL. So yeah gotta sign off. Still have dancing class to attend later :D woohahaa. Every time after dancing I sure got hyper and happy for no reason. heee so you! come join me :D

Alright. Bye!

PS: oh yes! Seniors, how are the SPM results? heee I only know about Pris's, Zhi Wei's, MJ's and SueAnn's  results. Wah Lung how about yours? and Ivan, Ong Yi, KJK.. hahaa gepoh wanna know la! :P


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