Friday, March 12, 2010


I saw their faces. I felt their feelings.


"okay. so tonight yum cha and crazy whole night. tomorrow face the fact!" 

this was what Zhi Wei said in facebook, one day before taking their SPM results. Finally, their day have come . They are now choosing and deciding which road they wish to go. Or to say, the results decide which road they should go.

Sometimes I just don't get why, I prefer mixing with seniors. Perhaps, I see them as myself in future. Because I know, one day, I'm gonna be like them. After PMR, I'll be torn on considering which stream I should enter and which subject I should drop, just like what my form4 seniors are facing. Besides, if I seriously wish to be an excellent student, I have to be balanced on both co-curricular activities and studies. I know it's not an easy task to me. Seniors, they are good examples for me in real life. They will always go through something before me and so, I could be prepared both mentally and physically with the problems that I'm going to face next year or a few years later, which they will have gone through them by then. Perhaps, I could learn from their mistakes, too.

My PMR still has 7 months to go. But I've seriously thought about my future, the future after SPM. Seniors they always make me thoughtful. Eventually, I got no answer. I don't know why am I studying. Am I study just for the certificates? Study for my parents as they didn't get the chance to during childhood? That was the topic I had with Yen Ping today. Both of us are study-lovers, yet we have no idea what is the reason we're studying for. We don't know what are we fighting for. We don't know what kind of future is the best for us.

"The future is so doubtful."
Though, the future is on our hands. I will grab it tightly.

Seniors, wish you all luck for your future =) It's still a long way to go.. Be optimistic with the results you got even if you're not satisfied with it, okay? (: Congrats to those who got excellent results too by the way!

PS: Ivan, thanks for lending me the book :)

Be contented with what you have, 
rejoice the way things are,
When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.

=) Good luck and be happy!


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