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Yin dee tee dai rou jak! @ Thailand trip Day2 Part1


suppose to be napping now after karaoke session with the girls then suddenly thought of blogging hahaa. So turned off the alarm that I set for my half-hour nap.. Come and blog! heee. I've been delaying my Thailand post for quite some time. The memories in Thailand have started to fade.. gotta blog it as fast as possible before I totally forget about which places did I visit in Thailand LOL

oh yeah. the Thai words mean Nice to meet you :)

in fact I just wrote the diary on the first day =.= hahaa after the whole day visiting here and there, I was usually exhausted when I was back to the hotel. Tried to write before I went to bed but I always lost to the heavy eyelids. isshh I know this post is gonna take me at least 2 hours to complete :S

ahahaa so yeah! let's go on to my second day of Thailand trip. heee

Second Day of Thailand Trip 17-3-10

wearing the bathrobe provided by the hotel. heee

stayed overnight in Baiyoke Sky Hotel and we woke up in such camwhore mood =) we normally woke up an hour before the morning call to wash and dress up. From the picture you can see our ugly scary frightening pale-white and OMG-puffy face :X So, we had a little makeup heee, to prevent people from having heart attack when they set eyes on us D: hahaa.

captured by me.

2 more years to go. 2012 :):( [morning view from 77th floor of the hotel]

we had buffet as breakfast. More choices than last night wooo. Yummy but didn't take any photo :(

some of the favourite camwhores pictures that morning :D I look kinda lala in the second picture huh?=/ hahaa but woah cantiknya tu lala =.=

after breakfast we went to a jetty. we're gonna visit to a temple by ship.
I couldn't recall the name of this temple so I googled for the pictures of 'temple in Bangkok'. Chiang Chiang! I'm good in recognizing places hahaa (= From the picture I finally got to know the name of it --- Wat Arun temple.

waiting to board the ship. or boat? LOL what's the difference? =.=

we reached the temple within 20 minutes I guess. as usual our tour guide P Chen(Mr Chen) would start to give explanations about the temple and what we're allowed or not allowed to do in the temple. Well I wasn't listening =D I do not really like temples although I'm a Buddhist anyway :(  Plus, I wasn't allowed to enter that temple because I was having my Best Friend that time :S I don't know the exact reason why I couldn't enter but I guess girls who are having menstrual period might pollute the holiness of the place yeah? @.@

look at our cutie cutie tour guide(in black shirt)! hahahaa!

Wat Arun Temple.

Opss. kena capture tim xD

baba yang bergaya xDD

After the visit to Wat Arun temple, we moved on to Snake Farm. From what I've got through the internet, this place was said to be set up to produce anti-venom serum for snake-bite victim nationwide. I gained some information about health problems from this visit though, like:

Why would you have halitosis (unpleasant mouth odour)? 
 That is the sign of having constipation.

There were lots of information given but mostly I've forgotten =.=
There, mama spent up around RM1000 plus on health care stuff for sister duh.

makes me recalled of the experiment on rat during form1 xDD

Snake's pose heeehaa =D

yeah lunch time! =D heee we then went to the King Power king of duty free, for buffet AGAIN. I know we should appreciate the food we could have but.. it's pretty boring to have the same food over and over again right? Choices of buffet were just more or less the same. What we badly wished for during this trip was to eat pure and delicious Thai-styled food but this was kind of letting us down :(

Yes they love food as much as I do heee. I'm feeling lucky that I do not really gain weight even though I eat a lot heeehee [isshh touch wood touch wood :S]

traditional instrument of Thailand? wooo


at least the place was great =) I especially like the design of ceiling.

woohooo. we were refreshed after lunch and here we went to Sriracha Tiger Zoo!

Look at this! the little tiger baby is sucking mummy pig's milk =D heee they are doing this to breed tame tigers.. which hopefully they can be our pets like dogs and cats someday! Well I think this is gonna succeed. If you did view my previous profile picture in facebook, I've already proved it =)

We only managed to give passing glances at the tigers as we were almost late for the crocodile show.

He's dragging the crocodile as if it is nothing big =O

Climaxes of the show. I was absolutely worried about them when seeing these=O They were totally risking their lives for the performance. Applause for their courage =)

Then we rushed for another show - BABI show! xDD hahahaa the pigs were just so so so so pretty cute! Especially their buttocks!xP wooo so meaty omg omg! =D Pigs did give us a stupid dumb impression but.. they're actually SMART :D they are trained to have calculating skills, which means, they can add subtract multiply and divide the numbers. So get a pig as pet now! and throw all our maths paper works to them heeehee.

"yo yo yo Sawadika, my name is Bar B Q! yin dee tee dai rou jak! hee"

we get to snap some photos with those cute creatures too heee

ohhh my second day of trip hasn't ended yet in this post. At night was even interesting and fascinating =) Stay tuned!

Good night people =]

PS: This is.. weird. I bought something for you in impulse. 


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