Friday, April 16, 2010


I was asking Sofea to look at the camera. LOL Shakira on the left and Ain on the right =)

I was in the midst of deciding whether I should delete my blog or not since it is so dead and facebook account too. Sometimes I just don't know why, blogging and facebook-ing make me have low self-esteem =O Indeed. they make me feel so bad. AWFULLY BAD

Weird? Oh, yes. I'm absolutely a weirdo xD

But Adeline reignited my blogging mood. With the pictures she has taken! =D Perhaps I'm someone that cannot live without camera? once I realize the presence of camera I would start posing and making weird expressions. hahaa.

I don't camwhore much lately because I know you guys feel annoyed with my hairstyle.
response of most my friends hahaa.

the last day of Cikgu Roszana as our art teacher =(


Regarding to my title, yes I'm going to talk about stress. Stress can kill, don't you agree?
I read some articles that those students who received too much pressure on study, ended up committing suicide. Awww. Poor cases.

I was told by my mom about a girl, who is now having psychologic problem. She was the PMR candidate, and she scored full A's for it. She is a form 4 student this year. Having high expectation for her exams, she didn't score good marks for some of the subjects. She was demoralized. She can't get out of the disappointment.. Now, she is not going to school. She has to see psychology doctor, and need to consume medicine. Is it called Melancholia?

I was like 'huh? why mom is telling me all this?'
She was actually trying to advise me through this affair. She always says 'Try your best, that's it. Don't take those results so seriously. I just want you to do your best. No matter what results you get, as long as you try your best, I'll be satisfied.'

That's encouraging. It keeps me motivated since primary school.
My parents never assert any pressure on me, never offer any reward either. Yet I always expect myself to get good results. I want myself to be good.

I'm that kind of student like, during the week before exam, I will lock myself in the room, study study study and burn midnight oil. In fact, for many times I cried and screamed in my pillow, scratched or bit my hands when things that I was trying to memorize couldn't go into my mind. It looked like I had the tendency.. That's so not me, isn't it?

But the old me is gone. You're being over-worried, mom.Your daughter is now an optimist. I'm working hard and expecting for full A's in PMR. Yet in the other hand, I'm ready to accept the fact if I don't get the results I wish. Life still has a long way to go. There are plenty of challenges ahead of me.

"Exam failure is not frightening, the point is, we have to learn adjusting our way of thinking, be confident anytime, don't take the results so seriously, thereby we can keep going to the road we want to"

---- <中学生 236>

_______________________________ ________ __________ _______________________ _____

Social stress.

Not talking about relationship lolss I'm single but not available =D hahaaa. yeah it's about friends.

I often have a kind of feeling that something is wrong among us, girls. A lot of secrets, we are hiding them from each other, yeah? I don't like this feeling. I'm having doubts. If you girls think that my attitude or words are wrong, speak it out. Don't hide it. Sigh. I want you girls back =(


I miss the days we had in the past..


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