Saturday, April 17, 2010


was pasting the poster onto the wall in coffee shop. Ah Niu! we all support you okay! =D

Ice Kacang Puppy Love!

This is my very first time I talk about movie in my blog! =D
because I just don't know how to comment or rate a movie. but this movie Ice Kacang Puppy Love, is worthy to watch! I rate 5 out of 5 stars! heee

He's not hot but he looks so innocent and baby-faced right? one word. Cute! =.=

He is pretty well-known in China but not in Malaysia. So you may not know who is him.
One of the reasons I'm being so supportive to this movie is, I've actually seen and known Ah Niu, who is the director and the main character of this movie. He has been my mom's mixed-rice customer since years ago in fact =D and I once sat at the same table and had my lunch with him hahaah. so it considered I know him lar =P He is such a friendly guy!

The second reason is simply because its a local chinese movie! Support local movie! if you did watch WooHoo then you must watch this too to compare lar. I haven't watched WooHoo yet (yeah I know I'm outdated) so can't tell you which one is better. Anyway my sister said the storyline of Ice Kacang is better than WooHoo.

 Yes! You can watch it in Jusco, The Mines or Leisure Mall ! Go support! =D

Oh yeah. The third reason is, there are so many renowned singers such as Gary曹格, Fish梁静茹, 品冠, Nicholas Teo张栋梁, Penny Tai戴佩妮 and experienced actresses like Angelica Lee Sin-Jie李心洁 are taking part in this movie. 

Thinking that this movie is boring? YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG! it is an touching and laugh-out-loud movie!

PS:It's a MUST-WATCH! support support! =D


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