Sunday, April 25, 2010

in this little 'Society'

First thing I wanna say is, school life rocks! :D

School life is simply nice to me when I get to know friends who have so many common thoughts with me. Besides, they are someone who can read and understand my feelings. I feel like I've reunited my missing twin sisters hahaha. well well. I'm pretty lucky. I found 2 of my twin sisters :)

 Adeline, who always appears in my blog. heee. well I wish our friendship can be lasting. It's hard to find a friend like you. You're always being caring for me :) I learn things from you. I'm really glad I can have a friend like you, Adeline. though sometimes you're annoying like how Im annoying to you hahahah.  love ya! =D

 Yin Ying. Get to know her during CNY performance in school this year. The first impression she gave me is: she's totally a camwhore freak and omg she's taller than me?! LOL. that's not a very good impression I guess? hahaa. we have so many common opinions on life and people. It's not easy to me to find someone has same point of views towards life. because my views are just so outstanding hahaa.

School is just like a little society. We acquaint with people, learn how to be socialized and attend to people. Studying is our career, teachers are managers, whereas pricipal is our CEO lols.
Adults that I talk to have been telling us people in society only look for benefits. Sometimes they're forced to be selfish as they need to survive. Blabla. I have no qualm on this.

NO. Perhaps time has changed, I've already seen an example in school.
Most people dislikes her. Sigh. I don't hate her but I'm feeling kind of disapponted. We used to be very close friend, very close indeed. but that was 2 years ago.

Her true personality was revealed when she once lied on teacher, trying to push me and my friend into a hot pot. She will only make friends with those who can benefit her. She will look for you when she needs you. but when you need her, she will just ignore. Her temper is most unbearable. I guess you as a prefect already who is she. I'm always being true to my feelings and I did try to hint her about her problems. I bet she knows what the problems are and perhaps in 0.0000001% she did try to change it, but I didn't see the effort. After all, she is still the same. Those who are still close to her, please, do advise her.  Despite of everything, I have to admit that she's a very capable girl. but that's is not the way to live your life! :)

Alright. end this serious topic. Let's see some photos hee

Saturday I just participated in an activity held by Kerjaya Club(which is the club for PRS heee). I had so much fun although it only lasted for about 30 minutes =D Our counselor teachers invited some lectures form PTPL college and they planned treasure hunt for us! xDD

You wonder how? it only took 30 minutes.

Task 1:

Alright. As what we always did in camps, we had to design our group flag. The condition was we had to use recyclable materials.  and yes! no doubt this is our (: Hui Jin, Denice and I) awesome flag! wooohoo. its a broom decorated by petals and leaves. honestly I like it pretty much hahaa.Creativity on spot =P

In fact we needed to create our own cheers but seriously we ran out of time, so the the lecturer just canceled it. Thanks god, I hate creating cheers hmmmp. but still, Puan Norliah gave us an cheers idea which was : Boom Boom Pupa Boom! hahaa sounds not bad though :D (does she watch Discovery channel too? heee boom de yada!)

Task 2:
We headed to checkpoint 2 after getting the clue requesting us to go assemble site.

See those straws? Our task was to make a 'building' which can bear the bottle weight within 3 minutes. We didn't manage to do it on time then ended up got deducted 2 marks. Sad :( still we got the clue for next checkpoint which was in front of the mosque.

Didn't get to take any picture because it's a rush hour! LOL we ran ran and ran of coarse Hui Jin aka olahraga ran faster than Denice and I lar hahaa. Then we realised we were behind of Crystal and Ah Tung's group :( lolss

Task 3:  Collect plastic bottles.
We stole those bottles from classes and dug some out from rubbish bin ewww :X  but still had fun! hahaaa

Task 4:

 What kind of task was it which made Denice looked so uneasy? 

Body checkup! wth body checkup in canteen? LOL this was absolutely weird and it took most time to wait for our turn.  Hui Jin took blood type test whereas Denice and I took blood pressure test. New things that I've tried out lolss

 Denice's blood pressure was just nice but mine is 95..kinda low hmm. ideal one should be 120 :( 

 Game over! we got 4th place if I'm not mistaken. hahaa. some photos after game.

 Group 1 Denice, Hui Jin and I with our flag. Warrior! hahaa

 we look cute kalalala~ =D

 Azzim with his so-called flag. =)

 Adeline, where is the picture which I suck Crystal's milk? xDD

 PS: Shouldn't think too much. that couldn't be me :)
PSS: Oh oh. Mid term is coming :( 


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