Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My mom will not read this.



I'm sorry, mom.

I was completely exhausted after school and extra classes yesterday. However when I reached home, I still forced myself to work on my countless of homework with my heavy eyelids. Finally I couldn't take it and I went for a half-hour sleep. Silent phone.

Raining. Alarm rang after half an hour then I woke up.
I was surprised that my mom had called me for 4 times but I didn't realize at all! I wonder where my soul had gone during that period? I managed to answer the fifth call and mom was yelling with a broken voice over the phone.

"你去了哪里?!  做什么不接电话!"

(where have you been?! why never answer my call!)

I was like 'huh?' and went down stair in a blurry state. My maid was outside, must have just came back from working with mom, but where's mom? I opened the door for maid. At that moment, an Unser driver accelerated from the intersection and stopped by in front of my house.
My mom hopped down from the car with a serious and mad face.



She was really really really MAD at me. This was my second time I slept so soundly until I did not realize everything happened around me. I was totally like a DEAD BODY! =( my mom had been screaming my name outside for half an hour! she even climbed into the house and hit the door but I never heard anything! what the hell was wrong with me!?

Maybe I should sleep in the living room instead of bedroom. I was lucky this time, I may not be so lucky next time. If a fire occurred, I would probably have died. If someone broke into my house to commit crime, I would probably have been murdered )=O Anything could happen.

I cried and cried and cried. Not because of mom's words though they're hurting. I cried because I made my mom so worried and went insane. I feel seriously guilty. She thought I passed out or someone had kidnapped me. I know the feeling. It's like..Your heart is dropping, you can barely breathe. You will just go crazy when the ones you really care, disappear just like that and you have no news of them, and find them nowhere. CRAZY!

My mom is 46 years old now. She can't take this kind of shock again and again. I should never make her angry, worry and sad anymore.

I'm sorry, mom.

PS: mom, wish you a happy Mother's Day anyway :)



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  1. PMR year make us very tired...
    that's why u sleep so soundly