Monday, May 10, 2010

Glee! :D

Glee Flashmob dance looks so fun eh? wow

Let's announce the Perasan Queen Winner! *Jiang Jiang!* -Soh Yee Ling!

It has been an eventful yet hectic week. finally I've got some time to online. hee!
Still have a few projects to go sigh. and mid-year exam is just ahead of us. PMR! am anxiously counting down on it. Im not ready for anything and everything yet :(

Alright. forget it. Still have 154 days to go anyway :)
Lately we girls were asked to perform Pergerakan Kreatif (creative moves eh in english?) during PJK classes. Our team is putting much effort on it. Dancing a Japanese or Korean song which is so-not-my-style hahaa. Hopefully will get cheers from everyone on Wednesday heehee =D

School Teacher's Day celebration is on Friday. wanted to join performance by dancing the songs I've been learning in Christofe. but no partners sigh. My partner Thevia goes for belly dance :/ Never mind. I'll still be going to school on Teacher's day. Hee to support my sista aka Chee Ren eh eh eh! :D hahahaa. I'll shout till my lungs burst kay? hahaha =.=

 okay I run out of ideas to blog. sign off for Sejarah note. T__T I've become a real nerd now hahaa.

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