Monday, August 23, 2010

'Funny Quote'

I was googling funny life quotes and guess what I get?

'No matter how bad things get, you got to go on living, even if it kills you.'

Is that funny? NO.
but its so true. I have to overcome all bad feelings no matter what. Life is just a phase I'm going through, and I'll get over it.

I'm still looking for my mood here. For the sake of getting rid all those negative feelings and get prepared for the school tomorrow, I blog. hahaa. yeah I'm alone at home again but well I enjoy it :) Ditched school today and I spent my whole morning in KLIA with my sister. And photo-shooting! LOL. will blog about it soon :D

Oh yeah. Exam was fine. For now, according to paparazzi Adeline, I already got A's for a few subjects, which is.. :D and yeah Adeline, don't be upset for your results okay? I don't know what are you feelings since I didn't meet your for err 3 days :( I kind of miss school and my gang. HAHAA. Movies during holidays kay girls! I want Phua Chu Kang badly T.T

It was a sunny and lively Sunday.

Adeline, Wanyi and I were sort of addicted to ping pong since after the competitions among houses in school, therefore we gathered at school on Sunday to relieve our addiction. HAHAA. well at first our plan was playing ping pong at a small house somewhere located at Section 7. However the condition of tennis table was disappointing. oh yeah, did I mention Chee Ren that boy gang? They reached the small house after practicing basketball in school. We changed our mind to play ping pong back in school.

I cycled on Chee Ren's bicycle and arrived school shouting 'woohoo!', ignoring guard's suspicious looking. HAHAA. you know the feeling of cycling in deserted school was like so awesome and I totally shook off all my exam tension at that moment. Exercising is seriously needed to keep our mind fresh and healthy. Much better than spending time in front of the screen which always makes people go emotional right? :D

See. Statement was proved. Adeline's bright smile :D

Another evidence :P

Where was Adeline? hahaa No idea. but I bet you're wondering who's the long-hair girl in red shirt? She's Ong Wan Yi. lalalaaa :P whack me lah whack me lah :D

We did this a month ago.
How time flies, like what I always say. hahaa. Good. We are getting near out of the hell. Quick! PMR please over as soon as possible! We can have outings outings and outings! :D and Wanyi, our plan. The visit ah :)

Nights :D 


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