Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't play play!

Went to watch Phua Chu kang with girlfriends on Friday which made me yawned at the beginning part of the movie and laughed out loud towards the end. Well it wasn't awesome but who cares? just as long as I did the exercise - laughing. hahaaa. You know, nowadays people are way too busy and their mind are too occupied until they even forget how to LAUGH! yeah I know it sounds absurd but hey, think. Why does laughing yoga exist? It's because they don't know how to laugh? NO. Of coarse they know how to laugh. It's because of stress!

So please relax. Breathe :D
Take a deep breath whenever any negative emotions arise. hahaa. I tried and it helped :D

Or, you can take sampat picture and laugh at your own stupidity :D

hahahaa. oh yeah. Imma slowly blog about my school life before the memories fade away. The end of the year is coming real soon and at the same time, it means PMR is getting closer :D YES. I'm getting out from this 'low-class' hell and going to enter another 'high-class' hell. hahaaa. Looking forward to change into a new environment and going to face new challenges. :)

Melissa asked Denice and I to join her group. But you as my friend should know Im sucks in art work hahaa..

It's Pertandingan Media Maklumat. Again, another competition based on art and creativity after sports' day. Well I was kind of surprised when Melissa asked me to join her group as I wasn't close to her. To be more precise, I did not even know her name. hahaaa. Yet thinking that I might get to do with some new stuff like making new friends and learning new knowledge on art work through this competition, I decided to join. Curiosity kills the cat :P LOL.

Vivian, a friend who gives me hope, love and lecture as well :)

as usual Denice couldn't stand to play with my hair but I always gladly to be her 'toy'. wth? hahaa

the 3 inspectors investigating who put my shoe on the gate. LOL 

pouring out the water from the bottle for recycling.

The best shot of us!

At Melissa's house.

HAHAA hilarious expression of Vivian! :D

 Doing air balloons.

Competition that day. Whole day not in class hahaaa :P

our hard work :) despite we didn't win the first prize but I know everyone of us enjoyed the whole process :D

am going to skip school for Sunway Lagoon tomorrow! hooray!  :D


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