Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Skinny one's birthday celebration!

Was a very simple present that I made within one hour for Ong Yi , a friend who I met on Facebook.

We were schoolmates. I still remember when he first appeared on screen, I only knew him as "Samson's friend". He is a very easy-going person and friendly as well and soon we are closer friends through chatting on facebook. hahaaa. And when I got to see him in real life I was like wth, how come he's so skinny! like as skinny as Ivan.

Ivan, the one who holding coke. He's the skinniest guy I've ever met so far. hahaha

the one who pointing is Ong Yi, next to him is Samson. He's more muscular. hahaa

Though I'm not Ong Yi's close friend but well, I was delighted that he actually invited me to his party. hahaaa it just gives you a very nice feeling when you know there is a friend appreciating you and realizes you existence. especially when you did not expect it. hahaa. and guess what! Ong Yi told me he liked my birthday present! hahaa I got really hyped up when I received his message telling me my present was the most special one among the others :P

that's what my reaction when I didn't know how to pose. hahaa

alright enough being a little kid. hahaaa are some pictures to share.

 Yik Jia and I :)

 Me and Weikei hahaa :D

Ongyi's sister, Joey :)

 Climax of the party :)

me, Ong Yi and Weikei :D huh now then I realized Ong yi and weikei actually look alike? hahaa

 I kinda don't like this guy but aiyaa a picture is just fine :)

end this post with my camwhore picture. Coach bag on sale!

if interested you can leave comment in my chatbox. serious! hahaaa

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