Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's my cup of tea/coffee/milo!

I'm talking bout modern jazz.
my friends have been asking me why don't I join belly dance or sexy jazz etc but I always give them this answer:

" aiyaaa I'm so boyish. Belly dance and sexy jazz are way too girlish for me. hahaa"

it was May of 2009. Sister and I :) 
I guess we just started to learn dancing for a few months that time.

True. If you know me well you'll find out my character. ahaha.
I used to learn belly dance and I found myself so funny in the mirror dancing those ladylike moves. You know I'm just lack of some.. I would call it as 'feel'? oh yeah its my body. I don't have a nice curve or figure. hahaa. Whereas sexy jazz, high heels? I don't wanna hurt my toes and whatsoever. so its sort of not in my list since the beginning.

The first dancing performance since after kindergarden.
They are Kai Xin and Ying Ying. Both of them have their own styles in dancing.

and I'm pretty much in love with modern jazz now even after learning it for around 2 years? hahaa. Usually I'll lose interest in one thing after I've tried it, or when I think I can already master the particular knowledge or technique. But NOT for modern jazz. Whenever I learn new moves, I receive new challenges. and each time I try to make my moves perfect, sharp and powerful. hahaa. you know when you see yourself so cool in the mirror, you'll like 'woah' at yourself. it absolutely injects energy into me. Then, confidence is gained :D lalala

I'm learning new song Alejandro now after Telephone by Lady Gaga. AGAIN its Gaga.Can't deny that her songs are suitable for modern jazz. hmm yeah. Here are some pictures of us dancing :D

our sporty hotness :D

our sexy backs :P 
the only one in white top hahaa

Ending pose babe!
I seem to have boobs but its just angle problem -.- HAHAA

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