Monday, September 13, 2010

Sabah, part of Malaysia, part of my home

I'm back from Sabah! :D

Gained weights, received a few lovely kisses from mosquitoes, and had bruises on my legs (as usual)

ah, what a 'productive' trip! :D

Staying in Kota Kinabalu for 3 days, I found most of the Sabahnians speak Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin. For most of the Chinese, they speak fluent and standard Mandarin. I found one thing very interesting in Sabah is, Chinese they look like Malay, Malay they look like Chinese. Practically you can't distinguish their races by looking at their skin colours or the way they dress.

I don't know why I've used to point people's races out and category them into groups that I draw out in my mind. Hmm.. Not good :( The impression I got from this trip, Sabahnians live without saying ah you're Malay you cannot do this or that with me or you're Chinese you cannot enter here and blabla. For what I can see in a restaurant, Malays work together with Chinese.

They live under the same roof.

I expected we Malaysians, despite of different races and culture, can respect each other and live peacefully in this country. Yet lately a number of news on races issues do seriously let me down. While staying in Sabah, makes me feel better. I could see the principle of 1Malaysia goes on in Sabahnians. Well, although Malaysia seems sucks in some aspects, but we should be appreciative as you can see, we do not face serious natural disasters (touch wood) in our country. Aiyaa, that's already enough. Nothing is perfect right?  

hahahaa. Feel like writing an essay here. but you should know the serious side of me xD I'm not sampat all the time heee. Well I'm kind of packing my study mood back after a week of holidays. hahaa. By the way, Imma going to Cheer's birthday party! Vivian! CAMWHORE! xDD

oh my. I have so many photos needed to post up here yet it takes me so much time to upload them. Heck. hmm. I'm thinking... having daily update by each post with a picture followed by some word I wanna say. How is it? LOL. I'm having low battery like my phone now. Got to go. Nights :)

PS: Happy birthday Xin Lin! x) wish all your wishes come true! all the best for PMR too! :D


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