Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Moments with the Love ones :)

Had been into an absolute holiday mood that I almost left my study behind. and wth? 19 days to go for PMR? Yeah. I didn't realize the clock was ticking when I was having so much fun with my dearest family.

I've missed out lots of outings and parties of my friends as well.
Am trying to catch up with my friends' latest updates but it kills lots my time.. so I'd rather be outdated for a few weeks. Okay? Booo! :D

I should seriously be studying now!

The best counselor of mine :) loves.

but before that, let me blog bout the day at Sunway Lagoon!

So here was a day I spent with my sister, brother and Leong Foon. Sister's boyfriend, Leong Foon, is good at planning outings for our family. Each time when he and my sister are planning for an outing, they will consider of me, brother and my parents. You know, I would like him to be my brother-in-law in the future. hahhaa. Because you see, he loves my family like how he loves my sister. He treats my family like his family. It's like, he loves my sister wholly, including her life and her family. For sure, my parents, likes him too :)

wooohoo sister was trying bikini while we having fun taking photos!

That makes me think, a relationship will last long only when it's agreed by your family at first.
Family is always like a supporter of your life. Especially parents, they always want us to be living in a blissful life. They do things for our own good. They will never want us to be in hot water. So, when they give you advice, heed it. I used to be.. well, almost, ALMOST rebellious for an unworthy guy, but fortunately I didn't get to be. hahaaa. and now, ding! I see it. He's after another girl. Weeee :D 

Do not ever trust a guy when he says he will wait, for you. 
Let time to prove it.

HAHAA. This is not referring to myself. Just WARN myself in the future, and you :P Oh hey! out of topic! hahaaa

Gor: 'ish. My face look so big.'

Me: 'Gor, lower your face and take photo from a higher angle, then you won't look so chubby.'

Gor: 'okay'

*ding!* :D hahhahaa
We are hot and cold siblings. Duh.

We are the sampat ones :D rock the carpark!

we are sampat + cute family! xD now rock the elevator!

 Buying tickets!
It was a day before Hari Merdeka but it was crowded. Lots of ang mo HAAHA.

fooling around the mascot hahaha. we're so excited!

The real mascot was shy :D jajajaa!
I wonder is he feeling sweaty? LOL

Having a boyfriend is like having an 'ah sei'. hahaha Maria~~

sayang orang asli and the horse! 
hahaa omg makes me think of the hot guys in Sabah again! LOL

a best place in Sunway Lagoon for us to take photo. hahaa

go for games! ishh I look rude :( was trying to act cool hahaa

we played this 360 pirate ship! was thrilling! must try when you're still young. or else, you will regret! :D awwww. I wish to bungee jump ONCE for my life. though I'm not sure whether am I daring enough or not xD

we are not acting! :X

Gor is in a relationship now. Do bring girlfriend back our home more lah :P hahaa

Met dao fu bok Bernard Hiew at Sunway Pyramid! yeah! 
after missing the chance having to take photo with him in my primary school, now I got it! woohooo!

That's all for today :) I seriously need to study now. 
Leave comment to scold me if I'm here updating again. hahaa. I don't wanna break my own promise over again. LOL

Bye! will try to create a new look for my blog after PMR! :) heee!


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