Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recluse is blogging

Hahaaa. tired though, i feel indeed healthy now. sorry i have to repeat and repeat how much I love to exercise especially dancing because i really do love the sweat coming out from my pores, skin damp with perspiration. and active body cells they are dancing as well. hahahaa. it's even awesome if you can eat some fruits and take a hot bath afterward! 

Hahahaa. im simply happy right now :) by the way, i've deactivated my facebook account. you won't be seeing an Eliz Soh in your friend list now. among the reasons they provided, i picked this is temporary, i will be back. hahahaa well, am actually trying to get out of living in virtual life, to live in only one social life, the REAL one. getting rid of facebook-ing habit is easy, but not for blogging. hahaaa because i have to and need to crap and most importantly, i somehow feel much secure here :)

hahaaa. and it was my mom's 46th birthday.
brother made a little surprise for her which.. did not work out :/ he made a video with our pictures of our trips to Thailand, Sabah etc and ended it with sister, his and my wishes to her. Us with hilarious expressions hahaaa. we had quite a number of trips almost every year heee. and in this picture we're at Hindu Glass temple in Johor, one-day trip. Gahhhh. it's suckish place. hahaa but we had fun anyway :D

 and this was how she reacted when watching the video. hahaaa smiley face :D yeeepeee!

if my parents they were smiling in this picture, it would be perfect for me :D ahh but without ah gor ;/

another picture that i like because ah ba ah ma look alike.
hahaa you know what? im watching a hongkong drama every move you make that really interest me. hahaa according to one of the episode, they said a couple will slowly imitate their partner's expressions and actions as time passes by. and eventually, they 'look alike'. this is what we usually call fu qi xiang in mandarin hahaa.

 i wanted to yam sheng too :D yaaaaammmmmmmm sheeeennnnnggggggggg people! hahaaa

 hahaha lovely picture <3

 YongChien and Winne :D I like jie jie. LOL!
now one more person to sayang and guide me! <3

as usual. they planned to go Luna Bar! 
"youngsters nowadays indeed know how to enjoy life, aiyo"  the elders always say. hahaaa. i personally agree xD

and our pictures! haahaaa i know i look old but my sis looks gorgeous especially with her hair curled! hahaaa

and of coarse! my overmatured camwhore look :D hahaaaa

well guess you still remember it :P hahaa scary-looking tiger cat! hahaaa i like this name xD

learning to be a professional shampoo girl isn't as easy as i imagined. hahaaa. basically my daily routine is yoga or dance, reading newspaper and books or magazines, and rotting at saloon. holiday is absolutely boring, you know that. i don't wanna have so much outings as i need to save up for shopping. my very own pocket money is reducing rapidly! hahaaa. i don't wanna get a job to tie up my time. other than that, i do think that this is not the age we should be working. You takut no chance to work when you're grown up? yeah la yeah la mom. hahaaaa.

organic food taste great! :D you will never feel fatty even after taking plates of them. hahaaaa.
being healthy leads to a happy life! trust me! this is true! hahaaa

Vanity is the spring of unhappiness. Balance it.

Cheers! :D


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