Monday, December 28, 2009

You know I Love you.

It was 11.30pm. He stepped out of his Sentra unsteadily.

"Ling.." his voice was low.I supported him till we were in the kitchen. I saw him bending down, trying to reach out for his feet, but he failed to take off his socks and throw them into the washing machine. Guess his head was spinning. He needed something to support. I rushed over to catch him before he fell down. "Ling.." I thought he was whispering to me. He pointed at his feet. I got it and without hesitation, I helped to take off his socks -- my first time ever to take off somebody's socks. and he was my dad.

This was the first time seeing my dad being so drunk. Totally drunk.

Then I was in my bedroom, going to sleep. Dad made hell of noises from his room suddenly and so I almost ran to open the door -- dad was hugging mom. He's still having the drunk face after resting for around 15 minutes. He saw me. " Ling, come." his voice was demanding despite his unconsciousness. He hugged me, me and mom.

"I love you, ling." "I love my family." he repeated. Many times.
"I love you, lao po." then he pressed his lips against mom's. A few times.

I felt the heat on my face. and then tears dropped.
That was because its my first time ever seeing my dad kissed mom. My first time. Whenever they were quarreling, having cold wars or, mom said she wanted to divorce, dad always kept his mouth shut. He never seemed like intend to keeping mom with him. and he betrayed her for once, when I was around 10. I hated him, really. He hurt mom, and me.

He may not be a good husband, but he's a good daddy. That's what my mom said after I refused to talk to dad for a few days. though she was still ignoring dad that time.

"I didn't do anything that is sorry for you, lao po..I only want to get the job..I must entertain the boss.." I could see dad's sincerity through his eyes. His eyes became watery.

"When I know I lose da jie (my eldest sister)..I feel really really sad.. but I hide it all inside.."
Finally he couldn't stand his tears. His tears rolled down from his cheek. Dad cried.. I never seen him cried..


ps: when you read the title, did anyone think that Im writing this post for my crush? hahaa
ps: hmm sorry readers, I prefer typing more nowadays. so no pictures and I know my blog is getting really boring.
pss: Vivian.. heee I still don't feel like doing your tag =P
psss: Off to yamcha with Wanyi! =) finally I can step out of my house! hahaa


  1. ya. i really thought that you will write about your crush ><

  2. could i write so much for my crush? hahaa