Monday, December 28, 2009

Wiinnie's tags

this tag is much easier than vivian's one hahhaa

Rules :
1) Only girls can be tagged
2) Be truthful

Do you like makeup ?
Not really.

Do you use makeup ?
Yeah. Only for some special events lar

Tell us what makeup you have , please name the colors and brand :
Bridal makeup =D hmm colors I guess were purple, orange, pink.. brand go ask my sister hahaa.

How many dresses do you have ?
3 I guess. hahaa I prefer shorts and t-shirt.

Are you a lesbian ?
maybe? hahaaaha

What were you thinking about before doing this tag ?
Hmm what should I wear tomorrow Wanyi?

What were you doing before doing this tag ?
Chatting with Ivan and doing some quizzes. hahaa

Last song you listened to ?

What are you thinking about now ?
My mind is blank after doing those quizzes == hahaha

Who was the last person whom annoyed you ?
My dad?

Why ?
He was watching me when Im chatting with friends =(

Do you have any gay friends ?
I think so heee =D

Who is your best friends ?
a few hmm

Who is the last person that insulted you ?
Her? =(

Last time you smiled ?
Im smiling right now =)

What do you say when people calls you pretty ?
hahaaa hey you're such a leng lui/ leng zai woww

When was the last time someone told you you were pretty ?
Yesterday. hahaa

Do you hug everyone you greet ?
No no..

Do you still have your first kiss ?

Do you believe in saving your first kiss for marriage ?
hahaaa guess it is impossible for people nowadays huh

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