Monday, December 7, 2009

Thai Club

Sawadikrup people!
I'm talking about Thai Club so I think I need to use Thai Language also heee.
woah its such late post. went there last Monday hoho.

I think clubbing sucks. Smokers a lot there and I hate them=( arghh the smoke left on my hair and my clothes. Gosh I wanted to shave my hair and throw away the clothes indeed when I reached home =O


phone camera sucks ishh sorry. hahaa its Thai Club! just let you know S5001 tak ada flash. hahaa can't camwhore at night LOL

People talked, laughed, screamed, danced, smoked, kissed, hugged and drank. Okay first of all, there were lots of HOT girls there. La-la not really that many but quite some 'uncles' there. isssh.


If you love to dance, showing off your good figure, shaking your sexy ass and having fun with your friends hahaa, well clubbing is just nice. It depends on your aim to go there lar. Some people go clubbing is to aim for opposite sex which I think hmm. kelam-kabut @.@ LOL what am I talking about =(

To me, I went there was basically because of my sister. She wanted me to see different kinds of people and blabla. haahaa. Sis threatened me by saying :

"hey better act mature a bit, you know you're UNDERAGE. If police come and check, arrghh there's no way I can help"

then she threw her bag to me. she said I would look more mature when taking it. LOL. I think I looked funny. you know I tried to walk in a more ladylike way and its hmm.. different from the usual way I walk. haha. [I gotta feeling.. that tonight's gonna be a good night] *again I don't know what am I talking*


everything was okay. I successfully entered the club and I don't think there were people doubted I'm underage. hahaa. [yo.make up can always lie! @.@] but I think its weird for the waiter because I ordered lemon juice. hahaa.

there was live band performing there. A Malay band I guess. well I don't know most of the songs they sang. gosh I was sitting beside the stage, hardly can hear anything other than the music. hooo I shouted most of the time when I was talking! =O


I didn't dance during the live band performance. Honestly I disliked the songs they sang lar. I was like a fool kept smiling to one of the singers. hahaa the girl was cute =) hey hey. actually one performance at night for the live band can earn up to RM1000! hooo people have good voices can try.haha.

I danced Single Ladies that night with my sister! hoooo I love my sister dancing so much! hahaa well I think the fee for belly dance lessons is absolutely not wasted. hahaha kept shaking my ass like nobody business =P

ps: I have an Anti-Virus software in my heart. so I don't think its so easily to be hurt =)

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