Monday, December 7, 2009


I listen to the song 爱与不爱 over and over again.

Pillow is damp now. I wiped away the tears on my face. I laughed to myself. Am I crying? =s

I thought I could control my feeling towards you. I thought I wouldn't be sad at the time I need to leave you. I thought its just a tiny feeling of liking and it wasn't strong enough to make me cry =(

I know that I can't have you. Yet, I told you that I like you.

I shouldn't have told you about my feeling! I should keep this to myself. I guess it gives you hope and makes you feel bad =(


I think my mind is changing every minute. One minute I wish I can be with you a little longer. Another minute I want to be rational. Stupid elephant! My stupid brain! =(

ps: I read her blog. she's still liking you =X

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