Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunny Sunday! :D

It's absolutely worthy to sacrifice my bedtime for such awesome sunny morning :) 

I feel so refreshing now! :D thanks guys for inviting me to play BASKETBALL lols but I ended up jogging alone in the park, cycling, and err playing kids' things there :P hahah. You just gotta love the peace in such morning :)

peace with the nature :)

 KIAN LIM sexy pose you have there hahaa.
weeee? Chee Ren wearing skirt heee :P 

I love mornings :) 
Mornings give me a kind of feeling like.. Hey I'm actually breathing. The feeling of blessed :) 
I love mornings :)

Okay this is random hahaha. Cheese tarts oh my baby! I like them so damn much! :D

Hee sign off for Sejarah hee! woah I love Sunday! :DDD

PS: hmmmp Adeline you didn't come :(

with lots of love,

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