Saturday, May 22, 2010

Teachers' Day

Boom! I love you! :D

Oh my I'm in a super good mood now! :D
hahahaa my mom just approved me to take part in this holiday camp! wooohoo :D! it's my first time! not those taxing camps which I used to join in school heeehee. umm well maybe it's not as fun as those camps in school but I'm sure I can gain new experiences and make new friends because I'm gonna mix with a bunch of totally unknown people from different places. Teeheee! :D

Oh come back Yee Ling. Your exam hasn't over yet! :X hahaha.

Hello exams stress! I'm here! :X

But as you all know, I'm always an optimist for life and everything yeah, I will never be defeated by stress or depression :)   Last few days I was like.. cried a lot huh? :/ Till I barely opened my eyes properly for one day because they were too puffy. Sigh. Please forgive me. I was born to be a crybaby hahaa :( But hey. Crying doesn't mean I'm not strong okay? I'm physically a jelly hahaa but in fact, I'm mentally stronger than anyone of you :P

And I finally surrender to her.

I don't know what have I done wrong even though I've been digging for the answer since last year. The friendship between her and I is always unstable. Sometimes, we were like the closest friends like no other; Sometimes, we talked like we were just hi-bye friends; Sometimes, we didn't talk at all; Sometimes, she did not even want to set her eyes on me, like I was an eyesore to her. 

I tried to figure out the problem. I even asked her what's the problem, face to face. And she evaded it with a smile. She didn't want to talk about it. The problem, or maybe problems, seemed to be solved but actually it did not. Its like, NEVER. 

I'm tired of getting this friendship back. 
I don't know how does she feel towards me. We seem so far apart. I know. I know there is something wrong with me, just that she doesn't know how to express it to me. We will never be friend again when the problem hasn't been identified yet. Well it's okay :) Because I'm already the loser. I hate cold wars. That's why I surrender. and now I'm trying my best to off your life. I guess that's what you want huh? Sorry for everything that I did :) I'll just let it be.


*switched mood

Teachers' Day yeepeee! ;D

and I'm blogging about Teachers' day before I totally disappear in my blog and facebook :D
It was Teacher's day celebration in school on last last Friday. For those who missed it, you have missed out lots of fun xD

I'm neither capable nor helpful to teachers and so I don't think I'm an apple of teachers' eyes hahaa. Besides, I don't make effort to socialize with teachers. Perhaps that is the main reason why I don't have strong feelings towards this so-called special day for teachers :/

Camera took me around the school, killed boredom. Without it, I would probably have just sat at the assemble site for the whole day. There was no place for me to sit anyway because 2 sessions of students had to squeeze in the small assemble site, plus I was late. I think our school seriously need a bigger renovation during holidays eh?

Taking picture with Bao is always the funnest xD she will always gladly pose whatever sampat face you want hahaha. Good example is this: cross-eyed expression. Copied from Cheryl. I FAILED == 

I was very bored and free because I didn't take part in any performance nor preparation for this event. Alas. Why so few people go Christofe learn modern jazz one! == If not I can perform too! :( Haven't been performing voluntarily in this school. Up until now I only met some ex-seniors in  Christofe which are Minyi aka my idol,  SinYin and Jin Rui. Have been learning together with Ying Ying and Kai Xin. Now Connie Tan joined :D  And yeah, if the God allows, I will have chance to perform somewhere on 17th of July hahaha. Perhaps it will be in conjunction with trial exam? :(

The beatbox gang Ka Siong aka the scary-muscular one and Chee Ren aka my freaking tall sista. hahaa. GAH why guys should have such nice teeth but I don't lols.

Sampat friends can always make you laugh xDD

with the scouts Jia Jia, Sherny and Lee Ping, Denice at the front :)

Suki the pretty with needle eyes xDD

 Drama team the girls :)

So yeah lets start off the performance huhu!

Silat with keris :D new style wei! had been watching the same old Silat performance and finally they updated hahaa.

These two girls amazed me :D Pretty cool!

Fan dance as usual heh. but I like their new costumes.

Indian dance. Not sexy at all but still considered not bad la :) 1 Malaysia right? hahaha.

and why the heck did I miss this hilarious part grrr. Teh Tarik man teacher hahaa! 

The form4 drama team! woohoo my favourite performance that day heee. Those guys purposely shaved their hair just to act as bad students woah. I was impressed hahaa. Provided most laughter for the day haah.

to act like bad students. they even danced Bad Romance in one of the scene and this guy apparently imitating MJ's dance moves lols. well he does really look like a gangster :X This was a nice performance I must say! :D

everyone was like leaving to somewhere when they were performing hmm :/

Dikir Barat. Umm not as nice as last year one because they take in new students. Lack of practice perhaps? still a nice show though :)

The beatbox gang woohoo! Puan Salimah's looked like she doesn't like it :( but hah! Still lots of people cheered for them! and that's the point :D and I shouted till I had sore throat LOL

Ah I like this team too! They performed 21Guns and some Malay songs which I think were pretty nice too! everyone was like so high during their performance :D

Azzam/Azzem! I don't how to differentiate them lah. I think.. Round watch is Azzam, square watch is Azzem. hahaha both of them are HOT anyway! hahaaa :D

Dark-eyed Aiman on the left and skinny Nazif on the right. The singer Azim didn't get to snap his photo ler :X hahaa

Pity Ka Yao who didn't get to perform even after putting so much effort :( hmm our school has lousy sound system sigh .

Performance done lets view some random photos ba :D

Kian Lim and Justin Bieber/Timberlake Lee

with Yumi and Rong Rong.                                      Yin Ying and Zhe Qi. wee!

Me and Yin Ying with the beatbox gang.
Puan Afidah Sher Lyn is behind :P

Okay lazy upload photo d hahaa. Gotta sign off for revision hee. tomorrow going for basketball hee! Good luck for those who are sitting for exams! :D

PS: Jun is coming :)


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