Saturday, June 5, 2010

LoveGivesMeHope :)

Was listening some Chinese olden songs at channel866 Astro. I used to anti these kinda songs because they are seriously old. some songs are like before I've existed. hahaa. But as time passes by I slowly open my heart for them, since my mom loves them. And guess what? they are surprisingly relaxing :) hahaha. my favourite song is -不要问我从哪里来 我的故乡在远方..-  and -忘不了- Damn nice! :P

Well! Mid-year exams are over! what a relief! Oleh Oleh! :D
ahh I don't need you to remind me of PMR. hahaa I know this is a temporary Merdeka :( but at least I can take a break now. Holidays! I can recharge my low battery within these two weeks :D

Impacts of exams to me:
- more and more pimples appear

- dark circles even even darker

- lose weight

- look unhealthy and pale

- hair becomes even more messy hahaa

before and after exam.
hahaaa. yeah I changed my hairstyle again! mushroom! :P

I was in real low spirit during the exam days. It started when I realized I made a silly reckless stupid mistake in English paper. Sigh. The essay was supposed to be informal letter format but I forgot to do it :( OUCH. It demoralized me till I didn't have mood to study the following subjects which were Sejarah and Geografi - my weakest subjects. Pressure was like squeezing me into a dead rat on road. *LOL I'm using dont-know-what-english hahaa* Nothing went into my mind! I even tried studying online. Still didn't work. and I cried into my sleep that night.

What has moved me during this hard time was, I realized I have the best sister of the world :)

I often stressed out when there is an exam. it's hard for me to hide and suppress my feelings in front of my sister when we're sharing the same room. Sis saw me crying. She kept quiet. She let my tears to relieve my stress. Tears did help a little. I thought I was okay but the next day, I cried during my Chinese exam, out of sudden. My mind was in darkness..

Darn. I don't wanna recall about the days.

When I reached home after school, I felt like crying :X
Sis drew this on my white board. It's a just simple drawing, with the words 加油 which mean gambateh. owhhh. The two words and the piggie moved my heart :) This is so encouraging. Other than that, my sis knows I love chocolate. At the same day, she bought me 2 bars of chocolate. Hahaha. They really did cheer me up! Sis hearts me. Her love and caring GMH :)


My small but blissful family :) Mothers' day.

Dearest aunt and jie. heee. at Hoi Tin

We may have great social life but doesn't mean we have true friends. Sigh. 
I'd choose to be a loner rather than having those fake 'friends' around. Don't you agree? 

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