Saturday, June 19, 2010

You're my Shining Friend ♥

(Yee Ling pops out from nowhere :P)

It has been weeks since my last post. 2-week holiday is insufficient and its gonna over! Yet I'm pretty contented with my holiday plans, though I didn't get to study or rest much due to outings :D Although I may spent too much time on outings and camp, I'm glad I get to make new friends and tighten the relationships with my friends. Oh! I feel good! da la la la la la la!   

The so-called surprise farewell party for Jamie Bao!

Discussion for the party + lunch in Old Town :D 
First time yumcha with Vivian and She Ee.

Gathered at Dami before walking to Jamie's house!

We'll miss your loudness :)

While decorating the swimming pool, the annoying gay guard came and stopped us :( then we had to call Jamie down before everyone reached. 

Oh. Why is it called as a SURPRISE PARTY? hahaha. Vivian and I told Jamie only two of us were going to visit her on Thursday, but ended up? Up to 20 persons came! HAHAA. Vivian suggested party, then She Ee and I invited people :D  BINGO! 

However its kind of ruined by the guard :(

Hey but I think it still worked! HAHAHA. see Jamie's face! She's like 'OMG what?!' She was expecting Vivian and I coming hahaha but about 10 persons following at the back! :D

 while waiting for the others to come :D

At Jamie's penthouse :)

like the best best best pictures of the day :DD

I used to have a kind of feeling.. There is distance between Jamie and me :( I know I know. She's such a great junior an awesome friend, why would I have this kind of feeling?

me    : you know bao? in school actually i have lots of things i wanna tell and share with you. but just because of my poor english i always short of words and in the end i rather keep quiet..

jamie : bao.. there are other ways to express stuff, words are just words.. you can be expressed by movement, art, facial expression. but don't always count on what you see outside, because when you smile, you may not be happy..... well i've learnt to not always be sad coz life is too short, even shorter than me ler.

Yes. Words are just words. love cannot be expressed by only words :) You know I really appreciate my friendship with you Bao :D 

 Aku bersyukur kerana Tuhan telah memberi peluang kepadaku untuk mengenalimu, Bao :D 

Random pictures.

Asam Gang :P

Sista Chee Ren!

Cheryl's sexy leg!

 Camwhore pictures.



come let me teach you!

(I've forgotten what she has taught actually =.= HAHAA)

Take a cup of maggi mee....

 okay open the cup.. throw the paper.

 ah! hot water?

 wooohoooo pour the hot water into the cup! careful ah. then cover it.

after that?

LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! while waiting. :D

 the most awaiting part! open the cover!

 EAT! ;D

AHAHA I'm laughing to my computer like crazy when typing this! LOL!

Friends, Family, Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Who would you put first in your list?

I will definitely choose Family.
Boyfriend and friends come and go, but family does not. They are forever. We're forever connected to them no matter what. Even if you have the biggest argument with your family, you hate them thoroughly, you still can never change the relationship with your family. So, if argument does happen, remember: tolerate, respect and love :)

Friend is the second in my list.
Friends, they are important in our life. No one would say they can live without friends, would you? It's hard to find our best friend, I wonder, do they actually exist? Heh. At different ages and stages we make different friends. Friends are just like stops in our life. When its time to move on to the next stop, we have to leave the previous stop and go. I assume this is why I don't believe in 'forever friends', unless I die at this moment =.=

Good friends delight and brighten our life, they give your love, they care about you, they make you feel warm and hopeful towards life. Most importantly, they lead you to the positive road ; Bad friends, bring bad influence into our life, yet we can't deny that, we always learn from mistakes. When we trust on a wrong friend, we become smarter in making friends next time. So yeah. Don't hate or criticize those who have cheated us, take them as our teacher, they teach us precious and priceless life lessons :) You can even thanks them :)

I never give up in believing friend. If you do make efforts to change, yes, I would say you're still my friend :)

PS:::: Bao! Must keep the optimistic character to you no matter what. Always smile with your heart :) Love yeah :D All the best in Aussie! :)

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