Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let me respect you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm in a cool state.
Hey people. It's me. I was the one who made the complaint on the BM paper. Hate me, criticize me, condemn me, I won't mind. Because I know I did not do anything wrong. The questions had already leaked out before the exam, you all know about it. It's NOT fair from the starting. And I'm just helping my friend to get 2 more marks so she could get an B for her paper.

BM paper2 part B, teacher asked us not to write more than 120 words. Yeah my friend wrote more than that so she only scored 8 out of 20. It's okay to deduct her marks because she didn't follow the instruction. But weird. Many of our classmates did actually wrote more than that but only she, and 2 more girls got deducted marks. How about the others? they still get good marks. 

so I thought I could beg for 2 more marks from teacher so my friend could get an B. but what teacher said when she came into our class?

" Saya akan kutip semua kertas balik kerana ada orang complain kat saya. sekarang saya akan double check semua kesalahan, semua orang punya markah mesti turun. "

Is she threatening us? so she means we shouldn't have made any complaint even though we find out there is unfairness? What do you want teacher? We shouldn't fight for our marks huh? You don't wanna admit you have made mistakes in marking paper, you get mad on us. Well teacher. you're so unreasonable!

Yes I know, we should learn from our mistakes.
But in this suckish KRK class they only care about our grads! Our marks! and if we don't argue for the marks we don't get good grads. If we don't get good grads? get out of this class! Berlagak saja! Sombong! Bodoh! You make us into KRK class. and you say we're proud. I don't understand why they wanna label us? we're just students after all sigh. We're learning the same things like the others. Pressure from parents, pressure from siblings, pressure from competitors, pressure from school, pressure from ourselves. Enough?

If any teachers happen to read this, I don't mean to be impolite here. I know teachers are still teachers. I'll respect. But shouldn't a teacher be a good TEACHER? Made mistake, but don't wanna admit it. The one who forgets her mistake, will repeat it eventually.
" Guru haruslah menjadi model yang baik untuk dicontohi oleh pelajar " is what you taught us to write in our essays, teacher. Practise it and let me respect you from the bottom of my heart.

PS: Teacher, dislike me? Up to you. I never said I'm a good student. These exams are not fair from the beginning. I thought you were great, but now, you're not. I respect you as a knowledgeable teacher, but I pay more respect to a teacher who always be patient to us, who knows how to control her temper well. You're not.

PSS: Sorry. if what I did makes your marks get deducted, I'm really sorry. but I want things to be fair, fair to everyone. I don't want things to be unclear like that.

PSSS: Adeline, put the blame on me, not yourself. It's me who insisted you to fight for the marks. Sigh I make you cry :( hope you're alright. Its just midterm anyway. Be more conscious next time. Like what Vivian said, exams have ups and downs :) take it easy.

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