Friday, July 2, 2010

"Commited to the Game"


FIFA WorldCup wave is coming to its climax! Ohmygosh!

You think I'm so into soccer matches? NOT at all. 
HAHA. the only match I watched is Korea DPR vs Portugal, 0-7. It's so 'awesome' right! I never watch a match ended up with such result before that, 7 to 0 man! My brother and I were like laughing like mad while watching it! seriously don't get why :S  

already used to my eye bags and dark circles :)

By the way, result is out. 
and I feel pretty steady with my position, which is 12. Its what I anticipated, I would not get top 10 because of too many strong competitors at front. I guess I got a few B's or C's in non-PMR subjects, which are well.. to me they are useless lar :P  but sadly they are the reasons which pull me down :(

After participating the talk of [I Love Life] during the camp, well I guess I'm not taking the positions so seriously anymore. Because you know, the first position is only reserved for 1 person, 1 PERSON! but then everyone is fighting for it. It's like a soccer match, sooooo many fellas go for 1 ball, it's very tiring okay. Aiyoor. Chill, and relax. If I get bad results, I don't think I'm stupid one lor, I only blame myself for not putting enough effort. 

Think positive, do positive :) It's no point being sad right? :)

I'm so enjoyed talking to myself in my blog HAHAA. 
I read an article about a blogger. The blogger used to blog everything that she disagreed, mad and unhappy with, like all negative stuff lah. Then her friend told her: 

"Why would you want to remember things that make you feel down, but not things that can cheer you up when you look back at them? "

She's inspired. She started to blog about random little things, those may not lighten her readers' mood, but only herself and perhaps her friends and family. She realized that happiness is just merely a choice, it can be anywhere, as long as she opens her heart and look for it, 

I was like kept nodding my head when I was reading this article. It's so true right! I find blogging is such a great way to jot down things and thoughts in my life. Isn't it? Hahah.

I sort of skipped school for 4 days! Good girl gone bad :P Went for KL trip organized by Chinese Society and visit to Sekolah Teknik at Kajang. taken plenty of photos! HAHAA. but now I gotta sign off for tuition! jajajaja*!

booo byee! :D

PS: Bao. aiyaa. pondok there without your voice is so quiet now :/ 8 months! :)
PSS: perhaps have a chance to meet up my camp friends? woohoo :D

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