Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey Soul Sister!

sis, Yong Chien and I went for makan at Kajang with sis's bf

The clock is ticking.

It's weekly update for my blog :)
Trial exams are getting closer. PMR is getting closer. The tension and mood in my class is getting stronger like telling me :

Don't slow down Yee Ling! Keep moving!

:D yes yes. I'm moving. Non-stop moving. especially the two girls who sit behind me. One get first in midterm. another in top 10. WALAO.
I think I gotta miss out lots of hang outs or trips due to exams :( but its alright lah. Few more months to go only mah! HAHAA. hope my holiday plans would work out and these are my plans

  • get a job to earn shopping money
  • go for a camp
  • help out in planning a Chinese camp
  • voluntary job
  • hang out with my gang
  • gathering with my old schoolmates!
  • window shopping with Wanyi and Vivian 
  • photoshoot  (if Yong Chien wants to!)

hahaa. I think I still have other plans.. oh yeah! learn cooking! at least maggi mee! Grr. I want to be a good wife and girlfriend in the future kay HAHAA. ish. been laughed by my friends especially CheeRen who always MAKE ANNOUNCEMENT to everyone when talking about cooking. `o`

<< Don't argue yourself>>
wooohoo. I've picked up reading habit since secondary school. hee. this is one of my favourite books.  teach me how to overcome problems in life with an optimistic mind:)

<> ini lagi awesome! HAHA. although I don't seem to practising it right now :X but at least I get the concept. heee!

Though I love my current life pretty much but well.. Sometimes I do hate myself. 


What the heck.
She, is one of my closest and true friends. I treat her like my best friend. but why I should get jealous? Shouldn't I be happy when she's happy? Shouldn't I be glad to have a lovable and popular friend like her? Shouldn't I be proud to know that she's so loved by every teacher?

and why am I jealous? 

So that means you'll be delighted when seeing people cry and being down lah, Yee Ling? Insane. 
You will not get any true friends if you keep being like this, Yee Ling. Don't be silly okay? She's always there for you when you need her. She never be stingy to share things with you. She's caring for you. She always wants you to be good, in study, in dealing with people, everything. and most importantly, she trusts me, she treats me like her true friend.

Cherish and appreciate please, Soh Yee Ling?


And SHE, is Adeline. Don't be surprised.
I cannot lie to myself that I'm not being jealous, Deline :( I'm always being true to my feelings. You're so great, too great. I'm always having low self-esteem when I'm with you. Guess that's why I felt moody today? :( GAH. I couldn't get myself out of that jealousy. What's wrong with me? The feeling I'm feeling right now.. SORRY :X I don't know why lah. I don't have the guts to tell you all my feelings but.. blogging :S

I think you're shocked when reading this Deline? HAHAA. Don't worry. you know I'm born weird like that. having mental problem ahhaa. at the end of this post I'll free from that strange feeling :)

You gave my life direction,
a game shows love connection,
we can't deny..!


PS: I'm really glad! you're talking to me now! and invited me to watch Eclipse! :D 

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