Friday, July 30, 2010

Mental tiredness, but still gotta smile through life :)

 I can't wait for the exams to over!


The Modern Jazz Gang :D

I feel like I'm a walking zombie right now.
I'm trying to be cheerful everyday, bring joy and spread the smile to people around me, to me, myself, and I. As I believe when I look happy, my mind would be influenced too. Yet I feel a little bit exhausted, mentally. Dancing already could hardly fit the empty part of my heart, it can help raise my confidence, but I can't regain the mental energy.

hahaha. it's not that scary and negative lah. I'm still the cheerful and hyper-active girl as you see in school hahaa. That kind of stuff invade my mind only when I'm alone when I don't feel appreciated and important. What the hell. I know, life has ups and downs. It's a stages of my life. Live life to the fullest Yee Ling :) This is your life! Cherish it. instead of waiting for people to appreciate you, why don't you make the first move? :)

The one who inspired me- Minyi Yeow.
Makes me realized I used to push all the problems to myself which were not even existed. Human beings are so tiny, I shouldn't magnify the so-called problems. :) Contribute to the community. Age doesn't matter at all. That's the inspiration she gave me yet I haven't done anything for it :/

Roarrr :D

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