Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rant. which you shouldn't read

I don't wanna hold back my feelings anymore, in the place which supposed to mine, mine.
I wanna blog bout the feelings that I'm feeling in the deep core of my heart, and that's all.

I hate this pretentious society. I hate that so-called social skills. I hate the people who smile to you when she needs your help, ignore you when you seem useless to them. I wanna act like I don't care yet somehow I can't seem to be. Am I getting immune to it? but this is life. LIFE? what the fug.

I want my salty tears to bring the hatred away. Seriously.
I wanna do things that I did not dare to do in the past. But I tell myself, I've grown up. I'm no longer a little kid. I have to say things I should say, not things I wanna say. Why? because people will blacklist your name in their mind when you've done something offending or wrong or things against their feelings.

And I chicken out again.

Why should I do things to please everyone! why am I shaping myself as such a girl that.. its not me!Why am I trying to be sophisticated? I have so many, so many things to rant over here. Yet I'm so timid now! I cannot do things on impulse! I would not let the emotions to conquer me! Fug off! 



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